Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy New Year

Hi everyone!
Welcome to 2014!
How did you see in the New Year? Watching the fireworks, partying or, like me, something a little quieter?

My husband and I and a couple of our kids spent Xmas and New Year in the NSW outback on a sheep station one of our sons is working on. To say it was an amazing experience is truly an understatement!
Unfortunately they are in a drought up there at the moment and the 15,000 sheep and cattle are being manually fed at the moment. To see the land like that is really heart breaking however it gives a deep appreciation of our farmers and what they endure season to season.
This property also has wheat crops but due to the drought this year there were none.
Here are a couple of photos of our stay:

  These sheep are following my son in the feeder ute who is dropping food for them as he drives. If you look right back past the dust you'll see just how many sheep there were in this particular paddock. Just amazing!

 This photo shows just how dry the land is at the moment. It is a river that runs through the property and is absolutely bone dry right now. Very sad.

This is me on Xmas day. Out feeding with my son and had the privilege of cuddling this little lamb.

This is my son who, of course, I got heaps of photos of :)

 As you can imagine I took heaps of photos and I'm sure it'll take me 10 years to catch up with scrapping them all! Thank goodness for Project Life!

Speaking of scrapping, I hope you had plenty of time of the Xmas break to fit some in. I've completed one layout so far hehe...
We have some great changes over at Inspired Blueprints this year and of course our AWESOME sketches!

This was the layout I created for Sketch #115:

 Sketch number 116 has just been revealed on the blog this morning as a matter of fact so be sure to head over to play!
Here it is...a fabulous sketch to get those creative juices flowing!

Be sure to head over to Inspired Blueprints to check out the DT's awesome interpretations of this sketch and also to find out all the exciting news on the changes we have going.

Chat again soon,
Sharryn :)


Beth said...

Your photos look amazing!

Beth said...

And your layout of course! :P

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