Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Henhouse Rules

Hey all,
Hope you are staying dry and warm in this horrid weather. Wow what a wet, windy one it was last night! I'm so happy we have a fireplace in the house now but even still, it was freezing! Brrrr.....
I'm really not a fan of rain.

We're still unpacking here and trying to work out whats going where. The renos held us back for a while so now it's just a matter of finding spots for everything and me waiting for some muscle to be home before I can move things to where I want them.

Before we moved I had a project I wanted to make for Scrap FX knowing it would suit this house perfectly. As I've previously mentioned, I love anything country and I couldn't wait to get started on this.

I just LOVE the Henhouse Rules sign...the quote just about sums it all up right?
And how realistic does the fence look with a little bit of Tim Holtz Distress embossing powder, a twig and some twine?
I decided to turn the canvas back to front to replicate a shadow box so I could use some awesome chicken wire fabric I've had for ages as the base. I only placed two chickens inside the canvas so as not to deter from the heavily embellished outside. I then placed some real chicken wire inside the canvas to tie the whole project together.
I did end up putting some real hay inside the bottom of the canvas but took these photos just before we moved.
 So now I have a country inspired wall hanging for our new house that I can happily say already has a home on the wall.

Off to do some more unpacking....

1 comment:

Lizzy Hill said...

I can see your house looking sensational if this is anything to judge by....fantastic, & oh! Soooo country:):):)

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