Sunday, June 03, 2012

Settling in

Hi all,
Long time no chat!
FINALLY we have the Internet connected and are just starting to settle in to the new house.
The move went well but the house is another story being only half built/renovated when we moved in! LOL

The story is...the house was built in the 1800's and the new owner completely restored the tin roof, front verandah and the front garden was a mess until he got into it.
Also, there was a room that was part of the original stables and a storage room in the house. The little stable was to be my craft room however it was just too unsafe to fix up. So...he built me a BRAND NEW room!! And a decking and put in an ensuite for our bedroom!!

He only had 3 weeks to do all this and the rain stuffed him around badly but he did a fabulous job in the 3 weeks. We did, however, have to put up with a few dramas on first moving in, like no electricity LOL (That was fixed up that afternoon though) and so we continue to unpack and work out where things will go and work around the building, painting and renos still to be finished.
 It will be so worth it though...this is one beautiful old home and I just LOVE it so much.

So this is my scrapping room being built. It's all done now but still has crap everywhere and I'm yet to hang curtains etc:
 This is the ensuite...the shower screen is now installed and we're waiting on the toilet and basin to go in.
 This was the backyard for the first week or so....and only one side of it! The other side was just as bad and so was the front yard for the first few days. Just all the mess from the tuna eating builders. OMG I have never, ever seen more tuna cans than I did around this yard when we moved in! More tuna than the John West cannery!!
 I did manage to have a bit of fun during this time though...when the builder came back with his bobcat to remove the garbage from the yard I jumped in for a turn in the bobcat and couldn't get my fat stomach out ;P
All in all it's been an eye opening 3 weeks and I can honestly say I'd be hopeless living on The Block.
Just can't wait till it's all finished and we're all unpacked.
In saying that we are all loving it.

Seeing as my scrap room was finished and I've been unpacking it little by little, I just had to have a break and a play when my awesome Flourish With A Bling DT kit turned up. It was like being a kid in a candy shop....bling as far as the eye could see.
So I took a bit of a break and scrapped my first DT layout.
Photos of a good friends little girl I took on a Teddy Bears picnic vintage themed photo shoot.

Well that's it for me tonight...I have a roast dinner cooking, the fireplace is burning and everyone is warm and cosy. Bliss.

Until next time...stay safe (and warm...brrr)


Lizzy Hill said...

Wow!! Your life has been v busy...& your LO is a fantastic start from your new scrappy space...that must be a lovely, lovely feeling:):) ENJOY!!!!!

Sandra said...

Congratulations on your new home and especially the new scrap room, it's lovely to be able to escape the rest of the goings on in the house sometimes.

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