Thursday, June 14, 2012

May = Birthdays Plus!!

Hi all,
Well I'm sure it hasn't stopped raining since my last blog post!
It's one of the things I really hate about winter...RAIN!!
It just brings a standstill to husband can't work in the rain, you can't get clothes dry in the rain (which is a problem in this house of 8), there is so much mud from the rain...and the list goes on.
Only thing I like about it is when we're all warm and snug inside and we don't have to go out in it. Oh...and the sound of rain on the tin roof :)'s June already?? Where did May go? Usually May is our busiest month for birthdays but this year due to the move we had to put it all on the back burner until this weekend when we'll have a BBQ to celebrate all the birthdays. In our immediate family alone there are 3, first my daughters, then mine, then one of the boys. Then there is another 5 or so extended family members birthdays in May plus Mothers Day.
This year we celebrated Mothers Day on the fly with a quick BBQ breakfast as it was the weekend we actually moved.

We did manage to get a few birthday dinners in though. My son turned 19 and I was dying to make a Rainbow Cake so I baked him one. I was surprised at how easy they are to make and it turned out really well. (Except for the icing though...I really wasn't fussed on that and will try a different type next time).
Coincidentally, the awesome new Scrap FX chipboard theme for this month was BIRTHDAY! So of course, I had to scrap these photos. ;P

Seeing as the photos were so bright, I swiped pastel paint over my white background cardstock and just added some subtle transparencies rather than use patterned paper for this page.
I wanted to show the steps of baking the cakes in the photos I'd taken but still keep the photo of Jayden as the focal point. So I used these super cool small Instant Frames.
P.S You know all those Instagram photos you take? Use these to frame them...awesome!

As the page was now quite busy with colour I simply used this fabulous Happy Birthday banner as my title. I used Friction Uniball pens to colour all my chipboard on this layout as they are super easy to use and still show the intricate detail in the pieces.
To add a little more flair to the banner I tied a bow from twine in the centre of the two words.

To finish the page off and tie it all together I used my trusty old metal ruler to add a border of paint which I lightly dry brushed on.

Ssshhhh....I'll let you in on a little secret...Scrap FX now have plastic stencils!! *SQUEAL* I can tell you...they are AWESOME!!

Over the recent long weekend we had no sport on (OMG can you believe that??) so we had a chance to get some things done that needed doing around the house such as fixing, building and refurbishing.
We've decided to get some chickens so a chicken cage was started, the guttering on the old shed was partly fixed and I got stuck into some old furniture and paraphernalia with a tin of paint.

I managed to get this chair (and a couple of photo frames) finished before the dreaded rain put an end to painting.
I bought this chair and a matching one last year from an op-shop for $1- each. One I painted red and use as a photography prop but this one just sat around with some crocheted rugs and a stuffed scarecrow on it until I worked out what I wanted to do with it. I want to do my scrap room up pink and white so this was the first thing to be done.
So I painted, sanded and added a little pink detail with a paper doily as a template and voila...I now have a sweet, Shabby Chic chair for my craft room :)

Well that's about it...I have a million and one things to do today.
Chat again soon,

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WillieburgScrapper said...

Love the page! GREAT color and details but I really love how you turned that 1 dollar chair from ugly to fabulous! Impressive! Happy birthday to all!

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