Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cards n dolls

Morning all,
Compliments of the day to you. :)
Hmmm...I hope you get better compliments than me!
Michael is just out the front getting ready to take Jye to Winter Development cricket training and has a car full of kids, including some from the street as there is a bike track near the cricket field and they are going bike riding.
So I've walked out in my bright pink flanny PJ's n slippers only to have one of the kids laugh and say to my boys 'Look at your Mums hair'. Don't hold back Ryan...LOL
Nothing like an early morning kick in the reality butt!!

Nothing too much apart from the daily grind has been happening around here. We went away over the long weekend camping in the bush which is always fun and a great getaway. Bloody cold though!!

Jack has just been on his Yr 6 camp to Canberra. He'd been sick and off school before he left and came back even sicker!! Apparently most of the kids were crook. I just can't see why they take the kids in the middle of bloody winter?? They only visit the snow for just over an hour so it's hardly worth it. I asked him when I picked him up what he thought of the snow as it was his first time down there and his answer was 'Oh it was OK but it was a bit gay'. Theres that gay word again...LOL

My father came up for a visit a couple of weekends ago and I made hime a canvas for his wall at home with photos I'd taken when we were down there.
I tried a few different techniques on it and although it was a real rush job I don't mind the way it turned out.

I'm still having a ball on swap-bot swapping ATC's and Dotee dolls. They are just something you can whip up in no time which saves having to pull everything out.
Here are some of the things I've made:
This one for Ancient Egypt swap:

Mushroom ATC swap:

Christian ATC swap

Tree ATC swap:

Butterflies ATC swap

Nursery rhyme ATC swap:

A Dotee doll I made for a clown swap:

These are some that have been made for me. This one for the clown swap.

This one for the fairy swap. I'm really disappointed that I took a pic of mine before I sent her but it didn't turn out. I'll have to contact the lady I sent it to and see if she'll take one for me.

This one for the polk-a-dotee swap:

I've only done one layout recently as I'm having too much fun with the ATC's and dolls but here it is.

Well thats it for me...I'm off to do the washing. Grrrrrrrrr.....
Chat soon and take care


Sonia said...

WOW you have been busy, those dolls are cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Those dolly's look cute as!!! and WOW love the ATC's and your layouts.... really miss seeing your work in the Mag's (yep I know, so happy you share on your blog

Mardi said...

Hi there...hows things?
I had never heard of dotee dolls before...but they are very cute...what a lovely swap..
M xx

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