Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bits n bobs and braces

Hey hey
Hope you've been keeping well :)
Things have been hectic here as usual. May is 'the month' for us with a million and one birthdays, Mothers Day and 2 car regos within 1 day of each other! Aargh.....
Rhiannon turned 20, Jayden turned sweet 16 and I turned 21! Woohoo! LOL
Rhiannon came up from Canberra and her and Steve came over for a lovely dinner of her choice which was the same as it has been for the past 10 years or chicken and vege pie, caulirflower Au Gratin and baked veges. Yum...
Heres a pic of Rhiannon with the cake we almost forgot to get so ran up to Woolies for one...PMSL

The pics of Nugs birthday are on the other camera which has no charged batteries so will have to share those later.
Mothers Day was spent at the park with Michaels family. We go every year for breakfast and stay till lunch and it's always a great day for the cousins to all catch up.
Also a good day to let the inner child out...hehehehe
The toddlers park had new equipment fitted and there was one thing I just had to have a go on. Remember those spinning things you used to stand on and push like a scooter to make it go around? Like a roundabout type of thing? Well this thing was similar only you sat on it and have someone spin you around. Was really fun but I didn't quite feel the same after I came off it for a long while...must have been the bacon and eggs I'd had for breakfast...LOL Highly recommended though. Next time you're in a park and you really want to have a go...just do it!! You know you want too. :)

A fortnight ago I travelled to Nowra with Jack for the District cross country. This track is apparently a training track for the elite cross country-ists and man it's hard. Basically, it's on a mans property in North Nowra so the kids literally run through paddocks. The car pack is also one of the paddocks on the property.
The good thing about it is you can run from fence to fence to get pics of your child throughout the course which is what everyone does. Unfortunately the million and one kids down there on the day do the same thing to cheer their school mates along so you're trying to juggle the camera trying not to push the kids out of the way (hehe) while also trying to not to end up face down in a cow pat!!
So I've broken into a bit of a trot to get from one vantage point to the next when my left ankle went (I have the weakest ankles in the world!!), went to put my weight on my right ankle and that went!! It hurt like crazy!! So did my teeth going through my bottom lip when I was trying not to burst forth with a million expletives around the hundreds kids who couldn't care less that I was crippled!! It was then that I did that thing you do when you've hurt or embarrased yourself but you're kind of hoping that no-one has noticed. You kind of look around and act all casual...try and make out that you're really just brushing the hair out of your eyes or something.
I managed to hobble off like Forrest Gump to the next fence so it could hold me up!! Far out...I HATE that!
Heres Jack on the last leg of the cross country, determination on his face and me yelling...well whispering by now as I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself...willing him on to the end.

This morning Jye got his braces on. We've been waiting till his baby teeth all fell out before getting them on as he needs major orthodontic work. He decided on rainbow braces which means each tooth is a different colour. It looks quite funky actually :)

We had a cyber crop over at the Scrapbooking Memories forum the other weekend. It was great fun and was finally something to get me scrapping again. I managed to get 3layouts finished and had a ball with them. These pics are of my little sweet niece who unfortunately I don't get to see very often but was lucky enough to spend some time with recently.

This layout was for my 4th cousin. It's a photo of her lovely grand-daughter.

These are pics of the gorgeous girls I work with and I at the Canon Pixma party and also the night we met Melissa Frances.

I'm still playing on swap-bot with ATC's and dotee dolls. I'm just loving those sweet little dotte dolls at the moment :) This sweet flower faery dotee came all the way from Italy.

This one I made in a Polk-a-dotee swap and is about to be sent to England to live.

I've also finished the cardigan I knitted myself. I don't usually like variegated wool but I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it and was lucky enough to score the last 10 balls of wool they had left in Spotlight that I needed and instead of paying $5- a ball I got them for $1- each! So along with the pattern book this cardigan cost me $13-60 to make...WOOHOO!

I've started a jumper for Rhiannon now...nothing better than sitting with your knitting on a cold winters night. :)
So thats whats been going on in our world. Oh, Jayden has a job interview this afternoon for after school so fingers crossed he gets it!
Have an awesome long weekend and stay safe.


Petrina McDonald said...

ahhh Sharryn you are a crack-up girl! I was half expecting you to grab on the fence and find it was electric or something. Love your new cardy - and glad to see you got your scrappin' groove going on ;-)

Scrapsister said...

The cardi is awesome! Love the edging. How on earth you get the time I'll never know!

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn...from one Mum of a 20 year old to another... where does that time go???
Love the cardi too....gorgeous...and total bargain...gotta love that..

Mardi x

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