Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another year older...

Not sure about wiser but here are 42 things I did in the past year before turning 42.

1) Went back to work
2) Bought a new car
3) Had my eldest two kids move out within a week
4) Had my heart ripped out (when they moved out)
5) Had my eldest move back in
6) Made new friends
7) Never spoke to my mother or one of my brothers
8) Never seen my gorgeous grandfather
9) Watched a sunrise over the beach
10) Holidayed in Orange
11) Went on a scrapbooking Retreat
12) Lost an awesome friend to suicide
13) Attended a funeral
14) Took hundres of photos of my family
15) Participated in a swap
16) Loved much
17) Laughed often
18) Cried
19) Holidayed in Tuross Head
20) Never seen my best friend due to distance
21) Had a girls night out
22) Came home at 4.30a.m in the morning
23) Was Secretary of my boys cricket club
24) Was Secretary of my boys high schools P & F
25) Made a friend a hand made gift
26) Hand sewed a quilt top
27) Watched my kids play sport
28) Taught myself quilling
29) Learnt many new things
30) Had a hangover (or 3)
31) Had a ride on playground equipment designed for a toddler
32) Went fishing
33) Went Geocaching
34) Succumbed to the Pandora fad
35) Scrapbooked
36) Was a shoulder to cry on
37) Went to a 21st birthday party (or 2)
38) Swung on a hammock
39) Read a book
40) Made contact with old school friends
41) Went op-shopping
42) The day I turned 42 I supported my son in one of the hardest decisions he has had to make so far. I am very proud of his choices and know he made the right decision. Because of this, another child will no longer be bashed, intimidated, threatened, harassed or flogged by his filthy, stinking piece of shit step-father.


1 comment:

Louise said...

You Lived IT girl!!!

:) X

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