Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cardmakers, nudists and being a bogan

Hi all,
Hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend?
I know I am :) I've decided this weekend I'm making time to scrap!!

Speaking of being creative, Jacks soccer team is off to Canberra soon and us parents have been asked to think of fundraising ideas towards the costs of the camp. So I thought...hmmmmm...I guess I could make some cards and try to sell them at home games. Well that was a lot easier said than done! I just can't make cards!!
Whats the secret of churning out beautiful cards? Someone please tell me?
Kudos to the girls who can turn a card blank into a major work of art...
I then had a look on Etsy to see what the going rate was for selling hand made cards these days and some of them were around $5- US! WTF?? For a card???
I best come up with some fabbo designs if mine are going to be anywhere near that much...either that or mine will be the cheapest hand made cards in the entire world...LOL

I was so into my card making last night, actually I was stressing over the fact that I'd put my hand up to do all this when it was obviously not my forte, when I heard Michael and Josh out the front talking to an unfamiliar voice. My scrapping table is right under the lounge room window and not thinking I've just yelled out at the top of my voice 'Who you talking too?'. Michael calls back 'It's Jason from Kids (can't remember the next bit)...want to come out and talk to him?'...(obviously a telemarketer)...without skipping a beat or taking my eyes off the magazine I was skimming for card making inspiration I yelled back 'Is he selling?'. I heard Josh mumble something but being 'in the zone' I wasn't taking too much notice until they both walked inside a minute later shaking their heads and Josh said 'Mum you are such a bogan'.
It then hit me that to someone door knocking I must've sounded like one of those 'ol hillbilly women sitting inside on my rocking chair with a shotgun ready for some trespassing action.
'Get off my property ya yellow bellied varmint...can't ya see I'm making cards 'ere?' LOL

A few weeks back, during my extended blog relapse, Michael wanted to go for a drive to Goulburn one Saturday afternoon. He was going away for work for a week and wanted to see if he could get the truck down a certain road as a short cut. So he, Jye, Jack and I set off for an arvo drive.
I'd never been on the road he was talking about and heard that it was really pretty so of course the camera came for the drive as well. I'm glad I took it. We found a look out with the most gorgeous views of the Burragorang valley which were absolutely breathtaking.

Further along we stumbled across a tunnel through the mountains which was nothing short of awesome. A plaque near by told of how the tunnel was completed during 1899 and officially opened on the 29th of January 1900 as part of a new tourist road.
Inside the tunnel were carvings of names from people who had worked on the tunnel. Michael and the boys spent ages in their reading names and messages about these people from the past. Very interesting. Actually, just lately I've noticed this tunnel on a car advertisement!

The rocks overhanging the dirt road on one side of the tunnel were amazing and just showed how much work must have gone into making the tunnel all those years ago.

Once it had been established that there was no way Michael would get the truck down this road and after Jye's face had turned a sickly shade of green due to getting car sick from the windy road, we decided to head back home. I had noticed on the way down a sign for a camping spot with river views that I wanted to look at as it wasn't that far from home and was thinking that it would be nice to throw the canoe in one weekend when we didn't have sport on.
So I talked them into driving down another 3km winding dirt road for a squizz.
On the way down we were oohing and ahhing over the views and discussing how we'd get the van down there with the trailer and canoe without sliding off the side and marvelling over how they'd managed to get caravans and mobile homes down there in the first place. This was one narrow, dusty, winding road!! No room for error whatsoever.
This photo shows us about half way down so you can see we were still quite high up. The grass at the bottom of the photo is literally the side of the road...a massive drop to the bottom.

Anyway we're chatting away at how pretty it looked etc etc when we came to a sign that deserved no words...just a look at each other, then another one in the back seat to see if the boys had noticed it.

What was I thinking? Of course they had! So we were now in a situation where we still had at least another 300m drive doing about 5km's an hour down this windy, dirt road with nowhere to do a U-turn and two eagerly inquisitive boys in the back of the car. I swear I saw them rubbing their hands together in anticipation!!
So the conversation went something like this:
Mum: 'When we get to the bottom, if you see anyone, don't stare, don't even look at them'.
Jye: 'This is a one of those nudist places isn't it Mum?'
Michael: 'Just do as your mother said Jye and don't look if you see anything'.
Jack: 'Why don't people have to wear clothes here?'
Jye: 'Cos it's a nudist place stupid. Nudist means no clothes. Like der!!'
Jack: (with a smile as wide as any I've seen on his face 'Ooooohhhhhhhhh'.
Finally we got to the bottom and to my relief there was no-one to be seen, or so I thought.
In a cabin right in front of us was a lady and a man, stark naked, enjoying afternoon drinks on the verandah, as you do.
Michael: (while finally attempting a U-turn) 'Thank God there was no-one around'.
Mum: (whispering so the boys couldn't hear) 'Look over there, theres a bloke and a woman on the verandah'.
Michael: 'Oh..nah thats two blokes'. (through squinted eyes)
Jack: (in loudest, squeakiest voice I've ever heard) 'I can see them Mum'. (so much for me whispering)
Jye: 'I can too!'
Michael: 'Oh yep...that's definately a woman'.


Chat soon
S xx


Scrapsister said...

LMAO Sharryn!

Amie said...

Oh Sharryn that is a crack up.... I am guessing you wont be going camping there :o)
Amie xx

Crazymumm said...

OMG SHARRYN.... that would have just been so so funny (the telling/reading has made me laugh until tears ran) :):):)

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