Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pinch and a punch...

For the 1st day of the month!! you still do that with your kids?? :)
OMG...can you believe its November already? This year has absolutely FLOWN!!

I was just saying to Michael yesterday how many changes this year has brought for us which have all mostly been wonderful and positive for our family but I still can't help wondering what the last 2 months will bring. (Well apart from Santa of course )

So whats been happening here...lets start with the Pixma party. It was AWESOME! I got to meet and finally put names to faces, so many talented scrappers. It was just great.
Melissa Frances and her fiancee were so sweet and down to earth, she really is an inspirational woman. :)
She taught a class and everyone got to take home a make and take which was so cute.

Sara Pearcy, who is also one talented girl, taught a photography class that I was very happy to sit in and pick up some pointers along the way. Just made me love my new Canon camera even more. :)

Heres a pic (albeit not a very good one) of Melissa and myself:

Last Wednesday night I went on an annual dinner with our primary schools Mothers Club which is basically like your typical P&C. It really hit home that next year is our last year at the school after so many years of having kids there. An end of an era so to speak and I think it'll be quite sad the day Jack walks out the gates next year for the last time. :(
We had a great night though and stupid me forgot that I don't drink wine.....ooops...PMSL. So I wasn't in such high spirits the next day. Ah well...a girls gotta have some fun. :)

Jedd FINALLY has his plaster off! Yeehaa! The best news is his arm has healed very nicely so he won't be needing any further surgery thank God. I had to laugh at his reaction to his hairy Maclary arm though when the plaster came off...his face was priceless. :) It really was very hairy compared to the other one....LOL

Today I met up with my gorgeous friend Chrissy at Papercrafts and wandered around for the morning. I ended up with some bargains that were, of course, needs...not wants. :) I think the best thing about this year though was the fact that the quilt show was in the same building so I got to see that as well. Wow some of the work those women put into making them are unbelievable.

Speaking of quilts mine is coming along quite nicely. I've managed to hand sew 3 rows of the middle Puss in the Corner blocks already which I'm quite chuffed about. I even take my sewing bag to training now seeing its Daylight Savings and get even more done.

I've been stalking Janelle Winds' blog (link in my sidebar) lately just to see the gorgeous creations she comes up with. Man that girl can sew. I bought a copy of her Thelmas Day Out pattern for the bag and journal cover and made myself the bag for a present and I just ADORE it!! I used some vintage fabric that I've had for years that was given to me many years ago when I used to run a knitting group (the aqua floral of the main bag) and teamed that with denim and some cute new polka dot fabric I bought. Isn't it just the cutest? I'll definitely be making some for Xmas. :)

My biggest piece of news since my last post is that sadly, our Festiva died. :(
It just turned up its toes and gave up the ghost. Originally it was Michaels mothers car and we inherited it quite a few years ago as a second car. It's given us many memories, including our two eldest kids learning to drive in it. Unfortunately, it just couldn't handle our busy lifestyle any longer. R.I.P Festi...we will always remember you for your guts, determination, endurance and reliability.

(Last photo ever taken of the Festi at the car yard as we drove away :(

As the saying goes, life goes on so we bit the bullet and bought ourselves a Suburu Forrester on Wednesday...YEAH!! LOL It's an absolute pleasure to drive, built for comfort and actually doesn't groan when the 4 boys and I get in along with their school bags and cricket kits. I don't have any photos to share yet as I haven't had a chance to get one wihile its sitting still...we just can't stay out of it long enough!!

I don't have any scrapping to share this week for the simple reason I haven't done any. :(
I'm working on a Xmas pressie for my father though so hopefully next post I can show you that.
Well thats it from me.
Take care and stay safe.


Petrina McDonald said...

Well good to see you didn't mourn the 'festi' for too long there LOL!
I've been checking out Janelle's stuff too and that bag is super cool Sharryn - love the vintage fabric there. I might just have to buy that pattern for my mum ;-)
Love, P

gabriella said...

show us your ....quilt lovey!!! I have been stalking Janelles blog too! i love your bag. Take care x

Amie said...

OMG I am loving loving loving your bag :o) Just beautiful....
Hugs Amie xx

Anonymous said...

Yes Janelle's blog is a great place to stalk hey LOL...looks like she has a few ;)
Love your bag hun! The colours and fabrics are just gorgeous :)
Well done ;)
Poor festi but Yay about the new car.

Kathleen said...

Hiya Sharryn!

I was blog hoping through the Boxx, then Scrapjack, and then saw your face....thought?? I know that face! Went scurrying off to grab my SBM mag, lol. The net sure does make the scrapping world a small place.

Love the scrap pages - I keep meaning to get myself some of that cardstock, very grungy, such a perfect colour for boy LO's.

Love the bag too - super cute :)



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