Monday, October 13, 2008

Our week

Hey hey :)
Hope this post finds you all well.
Busy, busy here as usual. We spent the weekend at cricket which is in full swing now. (Excuse the pun...LOL)

I travelled up to Gosford with Jye yesterday for a Rep. trial match which was great as I got to catch up with one of my best friends who I've known since I was 11 and who is also the Godmother of our youngest child. We met in Yr 7 at high school and have been great friends ever since although she moved up North when we were in Yr 9. When I think of the times we've shared it makes me realise how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends that I've known since my school days. Lucky to have 1...absolutely blessed to have so many that I still keep in touch with :) Unfortunately we didn't get a photo together though :(

We had a loss yesterday but my boy took 2 wickets...WOOHOO! One kid was gigantic and there is NO WAY he was 12!! He had hair on his chin FFS!! At one stage he bent over to pick up the ball and you could see his muscles rippling through his shirt!
Well he might have thought he could pass for 12 and I don't care how old he was but it was my genuine 12 year old that got him out....LOL
This is a pic I got of Jye bowling and after the batter was caught behind...the comraderie of the team is awesome...I LOVE it!!

I love how I've captured the team all gathered around with the batsman, head down, making the long walk back.

One thing that did irk me a bit were some of the remarks made by players in the other team especially when their parents and coach was sitting right next to them and close enough to hear it. One of my pet hates is bad sportsmanship whether it be a friendly game or not. Very ordinary indeed.

We didn't leave Gosford till 5.30p.m and I really wasn't looking forward to the drive home but was pleasantly surprised to find hardly any traffic at all (although yes...I got lost AGAIN!!)
Just as we got on the freeway though there was a car that had just seemed to catch on fire right in front of us. Thankfully 2 cars had pulled over to help the occupants which as far as I could see were a lady and a young baby. Thank God they both got out OK.
Not sure if it was the scrapper or the sticky beak in me but seeing as I had the camera on the front seat next to you do...I managed to get a couple of shots.
(Number plates and faces blocked out for privacy reasons)

I felt quite helpless and felt so bad for the poor people who owned the car. What a horrible end to what was probably a lovely family day out. :(

On the scrapping front I was quite chuffed to have been asked by the lovely Petrina McDonald to create some layouts using her gorgeous new chipboard designs. These are so cool, very lightweight and super easy to work with and the designs are just too cute.
Here are the 2 pages I finished. The first one I have used the cute little chick and the trees that I just LOVE!!
This next one I used the uber-cool cross hatch chipboard shape which is also available in a larger size...very funky and just perfect for grungy pages!!

To see the complete range of Petrinas great new chippie designs head on over to her blog (link on my sidebar) to find out where you can get yourself some.
Well done P...I'm really excited for you. :)

I also FINALLY managed to finish a little mini album I've been making for a special friend (well cousin) of mine. Her grand-daughter was born at 26 weeks (21st May) and has just come home on Friday. An amazing little fighter is little Ava and everyone is so very proud of her. Head on over to: to read this gorgeous bubs birth story and amazing journey so far. Proud Dad, Brad has kept a record and journal from day one complete with the most amazing photos ever. It truly is an inspiring story and makes you wonder at the miracles of modern day medicine.
This is the cover of the album I made:
Look at that tiny little hand holding on to her sweet and precious :)

Don't forget to book those mammograms this month girlies...please stop by and let me know you at least made an appointment for a check up with your GP.
Stay safe.


Mish said...

yup I made my appointment - and a lump was found... Off for all the next tests now.

Its so important - glad to see you pushing the cause Sharryn!


Sharryn Thomson said...

Oh Mish...fingers crossed that everything will be fine.
My thoughts are with you.

Sonia said...

lost dag!!!

Scrapsister said...

Gorgeous scrapping Sharryn. OMG at that car!!

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