Monday, October 06, 2008

Rain grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I know its something thats needed in other parts of the State but why does it ALWAYS rain when we go camping??

I'm sure someone has a Voodoo rain doll of me and as soon as I start settling in when we go RAINS!! Grrrrrrrr........

We took the boys camping on Thursday morning and this time I was actually looking forward to going. Michael packed the tent at least this time so I didn't have to sleep on a mattress on the back of the trailer which is quite comfortable when he makes it up but its not enclosed. The place we go camping is true blue bush, no electricity, no running water...NOTHING but a couple of lean-to's from the propertys' old cattle days.

The weather was perfect on Thursday and Friday so I guess we got those days in. Friday we drove down to a river we've been told about for a sticky beak. It was quite pretty but far too cold to swim although Jack and Jye managed a bit of a dip and the dog had a paddle.

Friday afternoon we cooked up a bush roast that was yummmmmmmmo...roast chicken done in the camp pot with spinach and corn cobs. We also wrapped potatoes in foil and cooked them under the coals. Delish!!

I must have been tired Friday night as I'd hardly slept on the Thursday night. I woke up and stuck my head out of the tent Saturday morning and felt like Noah! The rain was unbelievable! Everything was soaked. We packed as much as we could that was dry and Jack and I jumped in the car...LOL Michael and Jye had the great job of taking the tent down in the downpour (NOT!!) Oh well...if I'dve helped who would have been taking photos of them?? LOL

Whats made it worse though is its still raining here so we haven't had a chance to get everything dry or washed.

I've managed to get some more of my quilt done. Some more blocks. I also started another sewing project over the weekend for a belated birthday gift. Can't wait to finish it.

October is Breat Cancer Awareness month and I urge all you girls to book in for mammograms or check ups with your doctors. I can't stress how important these tests are in saving lives so do yourselves a favour and make an appointment today...not tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Sonia said...

Oh now that looks like so much fun NOT> not my idea of camping..

I love your BRA....just stunning...

Shandell said...

I totally sypathise with you - everytime DH and I go camping we wake up to rain and everything soaked!! LOL

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