Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whirlwind fortnight

Wow...stop the world...I'm getting dizzy!
What a whirlwind of a fortnight we've had.

I attended the most AMAZING Retreat last weekend with the Forever Always girls and had the best time ever. :)
Sonia outdone herself yet again. I really don't know how she does it each and every time but she does. Everything was just perfect and the little touches that she adds is just the icing on the cake.
Thanks chick for another great weekend. :)
I got to catch up with my gorgeous friends Chrissy and Dee and had a blast with the wonderful Louise, Amie and Paula . I met some lovely new friends, some who are brand new to scrapbooking which was lovely.
Finally got to meet Gab who is just so sweet.
AND I was on my best behaviour all weekend. :P Just ask Carol our massage girl who had dinner with us on Saturday night (and wanted to take me to the RSL to party after...LOL) She is awesome!!

The theme for the Retreat was Glitz and Glamour and Sonia organised a black, formal masked ball on the Saturday night including a sumptious 3 course meal with our very own waiters.
Heres some pics of the night. First one is Chrissy and I hamming it up for the camera.

Louise and Amie playing in the photo corner Sonia had set up which was so much fun.

Sonia with her cool mask at dinner.

One of our handsome waiters for the night, Bre-Arn aka Brian Sonias husband :)

And our 5 star chefs for the whole weekend in their adorable outfits with Sonia.
It truly was a great weekend and just what I needed. :) Thanks for the laughs everyone it'll be a weekend I'll remember for a long time. :)

On the home front. Jye has made the U/13 Rep. team for cricket which means lots of travelling in the next couple of months. He is also registered with one of my Under 16 teams to back them up on Sundays as we didn't have enough players as well as he's own club Under 13's that he plays for Saturday mornings. The 16's had a trial game last weekend and I rang from the Retreat to see how he and Jayden were going only to be told that Jye was playing with the Seniors. I almost dropped the phone!! They are men and he is all of 12 years old!! He held his own though as we knew he would or obviously we wouldn't let him play, taking a couple of wickets and scoring a decent amount of runs.

The local cricket comp started yesterday. Jacks team won and he took a wicket first ball of the over. Jyes team lost. Then today was Under 16's and the team Jye played for got hammered but Jaydens team won so a 50/50 weekend for us.

After the game yesterday Michael and Jack jumped in my BIL's ute and made the trip up to Queensland to Michaels Nans 90th birthday party. We were all going but the thought of driving up there with the boys just for a couple of days kind of did my head in a bit (can you imagine the complaining?) Are we there yet? Are we there yet? So in the end Jack was the only one who wanted to go. I expect that Michael will need a month off work when he gets home to book himself into the nearest nuthouse after copping Jack in his ear all the way there and back. The kid just NEVER stops talking!!

Speaking of the little chatterbox, he had a parade for Book Week last Thursday and had his heart set on going as Shrek. Do you think I could find a costume to fit him? Grrrrrrrr......We ended up agreeing, albeit reluctantly on his part, on a cowboy costume. I thought he looked quite cute but he thought he looked 'gay'. What is it with kids of today and everything being gay??

I managed to get some photos of him before he left for school and so 'his mates couldn't see'.

I've got myself organised with a quilt I've decided to hand sew during the many hours of sitting at cricket ovals I'll spend this season. I had some gorgeous vintage fabric here in greens and oranges sitting here and I bought some contrast polka dot fabric from Spotlight last week. It's all been washed and ironed and cut last night. Today I stitched my first Puss in the Corner block...WOOHOO!

Here is the material I'll be using:

I've decided to call my quilt 'Spring Fling'. :) Not sure if you name it before or after you've made it but ah has a name already..LOL

Well I'm sure there are a thousand other things thats happened over the past fortnight that I've missed but these are the things that have stuck in my mind. Have a fabbo week and stay safe.

Sharryn :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz :0)
Love the material you've got for your spring fling quilt! Yummo.
You little man looks soooo adorable in his cowboy outfit :D (You can tell him I said gorgeous though LOL)
Love the retreat photo's. It looks like you girls had heaps of fun...I'm yet to go on my first retreat :(

Amie said...

Sharryn I am loving your material for your quilt I can't wait to see it :o)
The retreat was a blast thanks for the huge laughs :o)

Love that second photo of Jack.

Sonia said...

wow....your pics are great....please send me copies...

and your welcome - I am so glad you all had fun...I have spoken with Carol last week and she had a ball...really enjoyed the mischief..

Love your photos too especially the sepia one!!!

And that fabric.....can't wait to see your first pussy in the corner


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