Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why am I not shocked or surprised that the claws are out again?

The thing that annoys me the most is...why do I let it bother me?
Probably because I have a thing about fairness. Most importantly because I have a thing about being accused of wrongdoing.
Not sure why I let people that I don't even know get under my skin. I think its because I can't debate openly and honestly with someone who calls themself 'anonymous'. It's kind of like hitting your head against a brick wall. The wall wins each and every time but bit by bit it will eventually fall down. Thats called karma.

Now I wasn't going to address this but me being me just can't let it go.

Anonymous said...
I remember when Sharryn first joined Scrapboxx and I thought to myself then that she was trying too hard ... guess it got her where she wants to be. I always wonder when people have so many kids, especially ones with special needs, where they get the time to do anything let alone scrapping AND spending so much time on the computer. I've got two and the only chance I get to do anything is well after they've gone to bed.
September 2, 2008 8:29 PM

Well seeing ANONYMOUS as I have NFI who you are but you obviously know me I thought I'd answer this post here on my own blog as I wouldn't want you to be losing any sleep about it. where do I start with this?

I first joined Scrapboxx I think back in May 2003 or 4? That was when I first started scrapbooking. Obviously you were already a member. Seeing as I was member 141 or something like that, you must have been around for just under a year less than me.

Now my understanding of joining a forum is...and please...forgive me if i'm chat. Sure you might like to share some of your work with others but a forum is a topical discussion group. So I chatted. I chatted some more and God forbid...I chatted even more!
I'm so very sorry if I offended you with my chatter but I can assure you that is my nature, I'm a chatterbox, please forgive me for TRYING TOO HARD.

Next part of the post...'I always wonder when people have so many kids, especially ones with special needs'....Again...does that put me in a position where I can't be involved in a forum to chat with like minded people who share my passion? Should I not be curled up in the foetal position because I have 6 children and people who have that many children couldn't possibly be that organised that they haven't got a bit of spare time to chat on a forum and again..God SCRAPBOOK about their 6 children??

Is it only fair that people with say 2 or 3 children are allowed to spend a lot of time on their computers and scrapbook???

And OMFG...a special needs child to boot! What was I thinking? Why was I wasting my time on a forum, way too much obviously, spending the rest of my time scrapbooking.....while I had a special needs child?

Last part of ANONYMOUS post....'I've got two and the only chance I get to do anything is well after they've gone to bed'.

Now I could go on about being being super organised and having my 6 kids (including my special needs child) in a strict routine as most mothers do whether they have 1 or 10 children but to be honest I really don't think I need too.

I think with that last statement of yours ANONYMOUS you made your own bed.

Instead of worrying about MY time management, the fact that I have 6 CHILDREN compared to your 2 (oh and don't forget my special needs child that you felt was important enough to bring up), the fact that I scrapbook as a hobby...oh and before I go on did you also know I've been researching my family history for the past 15 years? Or that I'm also the Secretary of my boys cricket club...AND the Secretary of my boys high schools P & F...AND have only just given up the position of Secretary of my youngest sons schools Mothers Club...which I did and still do WHILST juggling 6 kids (one with special needs), chatting on forums AND scrapbook??

You say you only have 2 and don't get the chance to live life AND I'M THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM??????????????

It would seem that you might need a hand with some time management and perhaps some parenting tips? Email me any time... and I'll see what I can do. All CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS of course. Something tells me I needn't bother waiting for your email though.

Anyway...enough about that idiot.

Whats been happening around here?
I've just spent the past 24 hours up the hospital with my darling (special needs...sorry couldn't help it) boy who broke his wrist 15 minutes after I got home from work yesterday.

He did a pretty good job on it too and required 2 operations for alignment. It was a Salter-Harris fracure. They gave him a reduction in Resuc. last night which was the most traumatic thing I have ever witnessed as a parent and something I won't get over for a very long time. To watch your child in that much pain is bad enough but to watch 3 doctors hold them down while they try and re-align their terribly disformed wrist is horrifying especially when you're told by said doctors that they can't feel any pain after being sedated and they won't remember a thing.
Then having to watch them undergo surgery again in less than 8 hours is absolutely heart breaking. He came through like a true champion though and like any boy is chuffed that he has his first plaster cast on.
He has to go back and get more x-rays in a weeks time and visit the orthapaedic surgeon also to make sure that the 2 realignments were successful.

Michael brought the camera up for me this morning and I got some pics of him before and after his second surgery.
This shows how swollen his fingers are after the first surgery but before the second:

This pic is Jedd just before going into theatre for his second op.

This is the poor little possum just after coming out of theatre.

So he has been through a pretty bad time in the past 24 hours but he is now resting and lapping up the luxury of having his brothers doting on him left, right and centre.

So thats it for me tonight. My eyes are hanging out of my head at the moment. Unfortunately even as a private patient the rooms aren't exactly 5 star at the hospital and I'll be looking forward to my own bed tonight.

Have a great 'end of week' and take care.

Sharryn :)



Sonia said...

Hey Sharryn, Great photos to scrap, definitely an event that you will want to forget but it should be scrapped for his fingers are bigger than i imagined, when we spoke on the phone...poor kid.

As to the rest of the dramas - YOU go YOU CHATTERBOX YOU ... we loves ya.

PAULA said...

Wow Sharryn...what a 24hrs! Hope he mends quickly.
As for the rest...I'd like to say how much I admire your ability to maintain a happy home, scrap, chat, participate in several organisations, etc, etc! You are totally amazing & I'm blessed to know you!

Julie said...

Argh! @ these stupid Bitches... & on the part where it says about 'special needs kids' Sharryn didn't u know ur not suppose to have ne more kids & ur suppose to just sit there & have no "U" time. Geez tell them to walk a mile in ur shoes then have guts to freak'n comments about ur situation....where was this posted....let me @ 'em....
They must not 'time manage properly hey!
WHat a bad 24hrs!
Hope Jedd is up & about soon.

Kylie said...

oh shaz do you guys spend half your lives in hospital? must be do to with your crap parenting LOL. Seriously though - hope he has recovered fine!
Easy answer is you let it bother you because you're a nice person! Sensitive and all that - don't feel bad about letting it bother you! - it's just natural!
You MUST have come across as a tryhard to me on boxx, coz i made friends with you AND beth - everyone knows that beth too, is considered a tryhard by this lot of whingy cows. Not entirely sure HOW given she's the nicest and one of the most talented things since sliced bread.... Ok, nice was okay but sliced bread - perhaps not so talented - anyway, YKWIM!!!!

About the time thing - my opinion is GOOD ON YOU for finding time to do something for yourself (you enjoy it now mind you though your kids will have it forever!). I think it's awesome that you know that to keep yourself sane, you DO have to have time to yourself to socialise with adults and indulge in your creative passion - I hope I'm able to time-manage well enough when I'm a Mum (perhaps not to 6 mind you - another BLESS YOU for that!!!) to be able to have some time for me. Burnt out mothers who don't spend time on themselves take it out on their kids even though they don't realise, and they stuff up their lives as well as their own!
Remind me to hold onto your email coz i'll email your organisational hotline when i'm in a mess when my kids are your kids ages! Shaz's organisational hotline... has a nice ring to it ;)

The other thing I Thought i'd comment on is the fact everyone thinks people are sticking up for you to get pubbed... UM WHAT? if that was the case, they wouldn't be posting as anon. Furthermore, have your blog comments increased since you got the gig? Not really, you still have pretty much the same readership, and really, your blog would be the perfect place to suck up to you if they wanted to. So why would they bother with anon-ing it over in the gutter at That blog?

Some people have no reasoning skills lol!

Look after yourself shaz
Newly 21 Kylie (lol thanks again for the birthday wishes!!!) xxx

Louise said...

{:)X} you know what I think!

Lou x

debbieb said...

Hi Sharryn

I hope Jedd is feeling much better this morning and you managed 'some' sleep.
As for the other...let's say person, wow, I can only say you are a true inspiration to me. To love and raise 6 kids, who are all wonderful loving kids -( not off the rails and major dramas), all your volunteer work, paid work and then to be an inspiring creative scrapbooker...I take my hat off to you!
I don't know how you do it, but you do...and as I said, you inspire me constantly!
Don't ever change. :-)

Scrapsister said...

Oh no, look at his miserable little face! Hope he heals well..and fast!
I am astounded at the small-mindedness of a nasty, envious few. To be so nastily attacked is petty and vicious.
Hoping your week is a good one.

Toni said...

I applaud you sharryn!!!!!!

and I hope Jed gets better soon....

Princess Tamara said...

Hugs - here's hoping you get some sleep, and he heals well. I hate that helpless feeling of seeing one of your own going through surgery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz,
Oh poor Jedd :( I got a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes looking at that photo of him going into surgery...the look on his face! I can only begin to imagine how you felt {{{{{hugs}}}}} to you and {{{{hugs}}}}} to Jedd too!
As for the slam blogs. Really! They are just pathetic aren't they?!

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