Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jack is 11

Hi all,
How was your week? I hope you all had a good one. :)
It's been chaotic here as usual especially with cricket. Putting the teams together this year has been an absolute NIGHTMARE to say the least! Grrrrrrr...
I've literally been on the phone for a week now trying to accomodate the needs of the younger players who want to be in the same teams as their friends but theres only so many miracles you can perform. You just can't please everybody.

On the home front, my baby, Jack turned 11 on Fathers Day. I just can't believe he is that old!

I remember the days of cloth nappies on the line and sterilising bottles and folding mountains of little peoples clothes back when Jack was born and at that stage we had 6 kids under the age of 10. I never thought those days would end but they did and in hindsight, all too quick.

Jack wanted a party like Joshs 21st God love him where all Michaels family came and stayed the night so we did that on Saturday night.
He has a tendency to get way too excited about things though and made himself sick. He took himself in for a shower and came out ready for bed before we even cut his cake!
So here he is all decked out in his PJ's and dressing gown ...

He wanted, yet another, bike for his birthday so we took him for a ride Sunday afternoon.

Jedd is doing OK with his plaster on. He is still a little anxious about it but we've been back to the orthapaedic surgeon and apparently it looks good. We'll have to more x-rays this week and go back again to the surgeon but all seems OK so far. He explained to me that as the break is right on the growth plate it could prove to be a bit of a drama if he has damaged the cells but I'm going to be positive about it.
It really hasn't slowed Jedd down much and I cringe each and every time I see him doing things like riding his skateboard. Every mother of a boy knows you can't keep them still for long and this one is no exception. It really isn't as bad as it looks though. He jumps on it for about half a second then carries it around. I think he thinks it makes him look cool.

Down at the park we've been going to there is a pair of swans who have just had babies and they are just adorable. I've managed to get some good photos of them over a two week period and boy have they grown.
I love watching the mother and father duck under the water to get food for their babies. Its so cute. :) I could sit and watch them for hours.

This coming weekend I'm going on a scrapping Retreat with the gorgeous Forever Always girls and OMG I can't wait! I'm not sure how much actual scrapping I'll get done seeing as Dee and Chrissy will both be there (YAY the 3 of us together again...LOL) but I'm sure its going to be a heap of fun.

I've hardly had time to scratch myself let alone scrap but heres a few I've done for FA with a focus on brads.

This one was done from a sketch:
And this was a monochromatic blue page. I really don't 'do' monochromatic so I used the Fancy Pants paper as a background as it is distressed and has a bit of brown. Aren't I a cheat?? LOL

Lately I've been itching to do some sewing for some reason so I've decided in the upcoming cricket season I'm going to handstitch a quilt. There'll be plenty of time seeing as we'll have Jack and Jye playing Saturday mornings and Jayden all day Sundays. I have heaps of material here so thats a goal I've set for myself.
I have a quilt top that I made ages ago for Rhiannon sitting here waiting to be assembled and quilted that I'm going to try and get finished first. It's only a throw quilt so it shouldn't take too long.

I also bought myself a quilling tool and some papers in Spotlight yesterday for something to fiddle with. I had a go last night but me being a bit of a gumby with fiddly things turned out the weirdest shapes ever.

OK well thats it for me we're off to somewhere different this afternoon...CRICKET!! LOL
Have a great Sunday afternoon and an even better week.
Stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

Wow fabulous photo's hun :0)
Love the ones of the swans. Although why anyone could think a baby swan is ugly I'll never know LOL they look cute as a button to me :)

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