Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey :)

Hey all :)
How has your week been? Hope your all travelling well.
Mine has had its ups and downs but mostly it's been fine.

On the home front, Joshua has informed us that he will be moving out and more than likely this weekend. Far out...if these kids of mine will have me in an asylum by the end of the year.
His mate moved into a house owned by a friend of his fathers at the beginning of the year and asked Josh to move in back then but his sister ended up moving in with him. She has just moved back in with her Mum so Josh has decided he wants to move in. As I did with Rhiannon, I'm sort of keeping it out of mind out of sight but I'm not sure thats the right way to do things as it hits you bad in the end.
The good thing with Josh is he will only be a suburb away and I know he won't stay away from his Mummy too long. :)

Rhiannon is coming up for the weekend. :)
The school fete is on again this Sunday so shes coming up for that. We'll have a nice dinner on Saturday night as well which I'm looking forward to.

Last night I had the pleasure of doing a demonstration for a company at a function organised by Spotlight in the city. Spotlight showcased all their new Xmas '08 ranges and let me tell was MAGICAL! 100 out of 100 for style. It was amazing. The tables they had set up for Xmas, the Xmas trees, the lighting was absolutely perfect and to top it all off they organised a string quartet and choir singers. I really thought it was Xmas.

I have to say though while driving through Sydney yesterday afternoon and trying to find a parking spot (could you hear me scream??) I was amazed at the lack lustre appearance of the people walking around the streets. It was around 4.30p.m when I arrived so as you can imagine it was quite busy but I was really taken aback by the bleakness of the place.
Yes I know its winter and it was cold but hey...humans don't hibernate for winter! EVERYONE had black on and it just reminded me of a mass funeral. They were all like clones of one another, not one of them were smiling, they all had these dead pan faces and they all looked like aliens with the same heads, each one blending into the other in their blackness.
Come on people! It might be winter but get some colour into your lives and SMILE!!

Tonight I will be having a night in and playing over at Forever Always with the Recipe Scrap we have each week.
Sonia is hosting tonight and I just know it will be a great recipe.
So come on over for a chat and a play. :)

Thats it for me at the moment.
Stay safe.

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Tammy Templeton said...

OMG Sharryn!!
i updated my blog and realised that you are blogging again!
Oh dear, Oh dear...I have so much reading to catch up on!!!
Love ya

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