Monday, July 28, 2008


Hey everyone :)
I hope you all had a good weekend and are all ready and relaxed for the week ahead :)

Our weekend was busy, busy with sport as usual although Jacks soccer team had a Bye on Saturday which was a Godsend to Michael and I...LOL Jye was meant to play Superleague cricket on Sat. night over at Miranda and that was cancelled too. Indoor was still on Friday night though and cricket regos started last weekend so I spent the best part of Sunday at the club signing them all up for the new upcoming season. Can't wait till the outdoor season starts this year...I'm so over Indoor. Grrrrrrr...LOL

Our primary school fete is on this coming Sunday and I'm so glad that I gave up that Home Made Lolly stall last year. After 14 years on the one stall I felt it was time for a break so this year all I'll be doing is pushing an icecream cart around selling icecreams. Michael has been roped into helping in the White Elephant stall which is right up his alley so he'll have a ball on the day.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for Rhiannon moving down to Canberra. On the Monday morning she received a phone call to see if she could start work that morning which of course she did so that was great. We weren't expecting her to be working for at least a week of her being down there so that was fantastic news. Steve went down for the weekend and they went to the snow (hard life isn't it??) So I'm pleased to report she is settling in well already in her first week which has taken a load off our minds.

Jayden is doing his Silver level for the Duke of Edinburgh awards and he went hiking over the weekend with the group he is going the Duke of Ed. with. We were told to pick them up at 3.00p.m at a certain place so Michael and I got there a bit earlier seeing as last hike they arrived back almost 3 hours before we were supposed to be there.

This time we waited and waited and drove up and down the track with the other parents and by the time they were 1 and a half hours late we were all starting to get a bit worried especially as we were in an area with no phone reception.
One of the parents of the girls we were meant to be bringing home turned up and said they were safe and sound at another location nowhere near where they were supposed to be so we followed him at least 13 k's away from where we were all waiting!
Seems they'd made a wrong turn on the Friday and ended up miles away...LOL
I did take my camera to get a pic of him but after the drama completely forgot to get one. :(

Well that was about our weekend in a nutshell. I haven't had ANY time for scrapping whatsoever this past week but I managed to get one finished the week before of Rhiannon's funky new gumboots I bought her to take to Canberra.

I love the story behind this layout that I did a couple of weeks back. Jack had stayed over at a friends house for a sleepover party and there was a little girl there that he met named Celine. Apparently she quickly took a liking to him and they became boyfriend and girlfriend until the next day when he dumped her seeing as they wouldn't see each other again as they go to different schools (as you do when you're a 10yr old boy!!)

Anyway when we got home I was telling Michael all about Jacks chick that he dumped in 24 hours and Michael asked him what her name was. I wish I had've had a camera when Jack replied 'Cecil' as Michaels face was priceless...LOL Obviously there was a layout to be had in that story:

Just too cute I thought. :)

Well thats it from me for now...stay safe till next time.

S xx


Julie said...

Good to hear u gave up that stall chickie.
Thats great that they wanted Rhiannon to start that morning.
PMSL @ Jack & Michael's reaction.
ctach ya chickie

Nicole said...

lvoe the (fun)ky gumboots.

sounds like you had a very full on weekend.


Wendy said...

gorgeous Laouts....Loivng the gumboots..LOL

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