Friday, October 05, 2007

*WARNING* Long post ahead...

Hi everyone!
Yes...I'm alive!! LOL Just haven't had time to scratch myself lately with everything we have going on. Taking over as Club Secretary for the boys cricket club has taken up heaps and heaps of time, it's been so hectic and full on!! Unbelievable actually!
So...where to much has happened.
OK..I'll start with a funny story. Jedd and Jye recently made their Confirmation. Jedd was supposed to make his last year but he just didn't 'get it' so I kept him back a year so he could do the program with Jye. All the kids had to pick a Saints name that they wanted as a Confirmation name so I told Jedd we would look on the Internet and do a bit of research so he could choose a Saint. Well, he wouldn't have a bar of that!! So after a couple of weeks when he just had to choose one he chose JOAN OF ARC!! LOL PMSL God love him!! He ended up going with John after we discussed the obvious with him.
Anyway, on the night, after the Mass which is co-celebrated with the Bishop, I lined the boys up for a photo with him. For those that don't know what a Catholic Bishop usually wears..see the layout below. Most of you know about Jedd and his Aspergers and his affliction with goats and hunting etc etc...Apparently the Bishop had a bit of string or something hanging from his Staff. Of course, Jedd seen it and turned to Michael and said: 'Look Dad...the Pope still has the price tag on his goat catcher'!! LOL How funny!!

Jack turned 10 at the beginning of September and we bought him a new bike. It's one of those bikes that actually look exactly the same as a motorbike and all he wanted to do for his birthday was go down to Bungonia to ride it through the bush. Seeing as it was APEC day, we packed up the kids, the dog, the bikes etc and headed down there for the night. Only catch was raining!!
Most of the 2 and a half hour trip down to Bungonia from here is along the highway.
So we're driving along and the van felt like it was pulling for some reason..apart from the fact that we had so much stuff in tow!
Turns out one of the bloody wheels on the trailer shit itself half way there!
What to do, what to do...seeing as we didn't have a spare!!
Michael pulls over to the side of the highway, thank God there was a merging lane on the other side so there was a bit of a grassy area to park. After much discussion, we decided to unhook the trailer, leave me their with it and the dog, while he and the boys set off to the nearest town, hoping to get the tyre fixed. On a public holiday, in the middle of friggen nowhere! Hmmmmm...
Have you ever seen the movie Beverley Hillbillies? OMFG! Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he would've been gone all of 1 minute when it started to absolutely PISS DOWN with rain!! So here I was, sat on the dune buggy on top of the trailer, the dog tied underneath with his water bowl close by in the pouring rain. Lucky there was an old sleeping bag to throw over my head 'cos I sat like that for over an hour!!

So you'd think when they came back and seen me sitting there like Granny bloody Clampett, they would've decided not to go on. Oh nooooo...not my boys!! We were still going camping!!
Now usually I pack enough clothes to last a lifetime but seeing as I'd learned my lesson more than once, where I'd had to wash everything even if it wasn't worn because of the camp fire smell, this time I came with basically the clothes on our backs and a couple of extra jumpers. And this was the night it had to rain the whole time we were there!! As they say, it doesn't pours...LOL Excuse the pun.
Needless to say, it wasn't the best night I've ever spent at Bungonia but it certainly was one I won't forget in a hurry!

Closer to home. Josh and Rhiannon are doing very well for themselves. Josh is still working with Michael and has just been put on full-time. He reckons he's enjoying it, I think it's the money he's enjoying more.
He went and bought himself a brand new motor bike recently that is his new baby. I've never seen anything get polished and stroked as much as this thing in my whole entire life!! Not the best pic below, but you can see by the smile on his face what he thinks of his new toy...with his car in the background.

Rhiannon is still working at Australia Post Head Office in the city where she is going to stay for a while now and apply for Nursing again a little bit later. She is far too busy having fun and spending time with her friends and Steven at the moment. They travel everywhere the pair of them. We were so proud of her a couple of weeks ago when she brought her very first BRAND NEW car!! A beep beep Barina.

Cute hey?? :)

The 4 younger boys are all doing well. Jayden has almost finished his Bronze level for the Duke of Ed. award. Jedd is..well just Jedd...LOL Jye is in his element at the moment seeing as the cricket season has just started and Jack is still nagging the crap out of us!!

My father has just moved back down the South Coast a couple of weeks ago and we went down there this past long weekend. It was amazing weather for Spring and we had a great time! Heaps of fishing, a bit of swimming..brrrrr...and I got a stack of new photos to scrap!!

On the scrapbooking side of things I can now share that I have just done a Guest DT spot for Scrappers Warehouse for September. They sent me an AWESOME kit that I really enjoyed playing with. I also have a Guest DT spot for October but can't say who with yet. :)

So thats us in a nutshell these past couple of weeks. I've more than likely left stuff out seeing as it just never seems to end in this house...always something going on and never a dull moment in a house of 8!!

Hope you're all well and will do a blog round soon.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Tess said...

well granny clampett, it sounds like you had a fun filled weekend NOT lol, loved the story of the goat catcher my brother thought it was for catching kids around the throat when he did his confirmation!
Rhiannon's car is ever so cute!!

Jodes said...

Really good to catch up with you mate and that things are going awesome for yourself, Michael and the kids, it sure is a proud feeling seeing your kids work hard and achieve their cars/bikes (love them BTW) i think it puts a bigger smile on our faces than theirs.

Im still PMSL everytime i think of the goat catcher LOL!!.

Mrs Frizz said...

I was just about to say how are you Granny Clampett myself ... how's it going Ocker. I was seriously sitting here laughing out loud reading your post. Awesome.

Look after yourself.

Natalie Satchwill said...

OMG Sharryn my husband just came out from the other room to see what on earth I was giggling at...that price tag on his goat catcher has me in hysterics!!! Even typing it I am giggling my head off...Thanks so much for the laugh!

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