Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fabulous fortnight

What an awesome couple of weeks! Absolutely exhauting...but awesome all the same!
The boys have been on school holidays for the past fortnight and it has just been NON STOP!! We've had HEAPS of fun though.
I think I need another long weekend away to get over it!!
Last Sunday Rhiannon, the boys and I went with a good friend and her two boys to Luna Park! was FANTASTIC!! I still have the bruises to prove it!!
I was actually really excited about going seeing as I haven't been there since I was a kid and I wanted to see how much the place had changed. Still so much history there and I too 400 photos!!

Rhiannon really wanted to go on the Rotor but that was one ride I had never been on and I was a little bit, well a lot, worried about going on it..LOL But, the challenge was thrown up and me being me...had to accept!! We walked into the round room and had to hold on to the wheel thing in the middle for the floor to rise up and thats when I realised I really should've taken some spare undies!! was so scary!
When the ride started though it really wasn't that bad, the only scary thing was when you actually start sliding back down the wall to the floor when the Rotor starts to slow down. We ended up going on it twice in a row but it really wasn't a good idea for some...PMSL
I've never seen my daughter quite that shade of green before...LOL
I had to buy her a Slurpee to get a bit of colour back in her face!!

I'm sure all the rides in the world, all the junk food in the world and all the side shows in the world didn't come close to the excitement on Jedd's face when we found the Petting Zoo they had set up and he found the teeniest, tiniest baby goats we've ever seen!! They also had the Mumma goat which he just loved and I got some great pics of him with her.

It really was a great, fun day and it was nice to spend it with my good friend and her kids. :)

During the week I promised the boys and some of the kids in the street I'd take them down to the beach which we did on Friday. I couldn't believe it! Thursday was so hot but we couldn't go as I had cricket commitments, woke up Friday and it was bloody overcast and awful. Not wanting to disappoint a street full of kids I ended up packing the esky with everything I had bought the day before and we headed off. Jayden didn't want to come so he stayed here. was absolutely FREEZING down there and guess who didn't take jackets?? So I wrapped a big towel around me, gritted my teeth and trudged down to the beach with the kids. No sooner had we parked our butts on the sand, Jayden rang to say it was hailing at home!! He took the phone out the back and it was LOUD!! Apparently the street was absolutely white through hail stones! It wasn't looking that great where we were either and I told the kids at the first sign of rain I was outta there!! I had my camera in my bag and a heap of scrap mags and there was no way I was sacrificing them!!
We ended up staying on the beach for all of half an hour before the storm broke and we were running like crazy across the sand for cover. Amazing how fast you can actually run across sand when you have something to protect huh?? PMSL
So the day was cut quite short but I made it up to them by having a movie day back here when we got home which they thought was great seeing as I'm not really one for letting the kids in the street in my house to play :)

This morning we got up early to drive back down to Wollongong to watch Rhiannon and Steve sky dive! She's wanted to do it for so long now and booked it in.
She told us to be there by 9.00am which we were and I met up with 2 of her girlfriends who also drove down to watch them. Went into the office, like she told me too, to find out what time to expect them dropping out of the sky, and the girl looks at her watch and says...Ummm now! I just happened to look back over my shoulder and caught someone landing and I like to think it was Rhiannon...seeing as I missed everything else!!
Was a bit disappointing, but like Michael was probably better that I didn't see it anyway, I was really nervous this morning about it all.
She bought the DVD and photos and they are amazing. She just loved the whole experience the dare devil she is and tells me I should go...not in this life time my darling girl!!
So all I managed to get was a pic of the pair of them after the jump in their gear but I'll get some of the DVD later to post.

We had to wait around for a while for the DVD so Michael and I took the boys to the playground there where I had a photo shoot with them...LOL Rhiannon, Steve and her friends went for breakfast at a cafe.
There was some sort of set-up under way in the park there with jumping castles etc which of course the boys wanted to go and investigate. Turns out it was some sort of Muslim festival and some guy told them they were welcome to go on all the stuff and join in. Well my boys don't need written invitations to these type of things, so we packed the esky away and went for a gander. They had some great entertainment and being only early, there weren't many people there so they took this to their full advantage and we ended up having an absolute ball!!
They had the inflatable bungee run which I really wanted a go of but didn't get around to it. Heaps of jumping castles and OMFG...they had the bull ride!!! You know the mechanical bull??? I've so wanted a go on one of these things since I very first ever laid eyes on them but I've never had the chance without a million people around. Seeing as it was still pretty quiet there, I 'took the bull by the horns' (LOL..excuse the pun) and jumped on!!
UNREAL!! Take a look at these really lady like photos...lucky I was wearing jeans!

So after gatecrashing the Muslim festival, we met back up with Rhiannon, Steve and friends for a while then decided to head back home to get everything ready for the boys school tommorow. times over till xmas hols :(

Jayden is going on a convention tomorrow for 3 days. His mates' mother is the CEO for a place called Junction Works where they look after disabled people. They take them away for 3 days down to Stanwell Park for the Spark Festival. He went last year and just loved it! He helps look after them and sees to their needs etc etc and I'm really, really proud of him for it! Not many 14 yr old boys would be involved in this sort of thing. He's a sweetheart my Nugget!!

In the scrapbooking world, I was really stoked that Sheena from Rasberry loved the LO's our DT did at Scrap N Crazy and took them with her to display at Paperific in Melbourne over the weekend. How cool!! Would've been great to see them but Dee got to go (the lucky duck!) and took some fabbo pics. Thanks chick. :)

Speaking of Scrap N Crazy, we are having a cyber crop this coming weekend so try and come and play. We have the best ever CC's over there, heaps of challenges and so much fun!!

Well I'm off. I'm buggered after these school holidays and I can tell you right now...this week I won't be doing much more than I have too...I need a rest..LOL
Have a great week and stay safe. :)


Shelley said...

OMG.. it WAS a fabulous fortnight for you! Poor Rhiannon in that pic after the Rotor lol.. stay cool!

s. :)

Jodes said...

PMSLOL!!!!!!!!!! so glad you had an awesome time at Luna park mate and loving those lady like photo's of you on the mechanical bull LOL!!! at least you got up there and had a go chicky.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn,
Wow it sounds and looks like you had a blast!! All the photo's you got look amazing LOL - can't wait to see them scrapped. Love the photo's of you coming off the bull heehee and I had to chuckle at you going to the beach with a hail storm coming.
Lucky Rhiannon going sky diving! I've always wanted to do that but now I've got little kids I think I'd pass. What a fantastic adventure and captured on DVD! What a memory. *sigh*
Anyway take care.

Mrs Frizz said...

Loved reading your post and catching up with what you have been up to ... busy, busy, busy. Love all the pics and will be looking out to see how creative you are.

Shame about the hail storm at the beach - thought that was hilarious - you've just GOT to look after those mags!!!

Mardi said...

Hi always Iloved reading what you had been up to.. you live life to the full...thats for sure...
Mardi xx

Julie said...

sounds like a great time was had.
WTG Rhiannon! Always wanted to.... but I would chicken out I bungy jumping...u'd have ta push me.
Lucky u had those jeans on.
Great pic's.
Look after ya self!

Anonymous said...


I've had you on my mind lately. Isn't it time for a blog update?

What's been happening lately?

I hope your all keeping well and the kids are enjoying school holidays once again.

Have a great week and take care of yourself. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Anonymous said...

Hi again

I hope your all ok. I am getting concerned. It is now 16-1-08 and it's been weeks since you updated your blog.

I miss reading your news Shaz. Please come back soon.

Have a great day and keep smiling.

From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Sonia said...

Sharryn, ok - I am blogging again...just doing an update....and yours is longer than mine....come on time for an update...join me. in the new year try to blog more...goal!!!

Mardi said...

Yeah Im with Susan....are you ok?
Please update ....missing you
Mardi xx

deirdre said...

OI!!!!!!!!! Update madam!!!!!


KylieCanScrap said...

Hi Sharryn, I have tagged you over on my blog
an aussie friend of mine tagged me and I have to tag 7 other people... so... "your it!"
Hugs Kylie.

Louise said...



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