Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi everyone :)

Well hello there :)
Long chat...LOL (like 9 months!!)
How are you all?

I'm not going to go into why I stopped blogging...all behind me now and no need to bring up things I don't need to re-hash so I'll just move along...

Well...where do I start after a 9 month absence?
So many changes have taken place and most of them in the last month...LOL
Our family is going through a few huge changes and so good.
I have recently returned to work which has been great but has also been a MASSIVE change for all of us. The boys are coping well though and we seem to have settled into a great routine. I'm very lucky that Michael helps around the house a cooks a great meal when he has to.

One of the biggest things to happen is that Rhiannon has been accepted into a course at Uni BUT its down in Canberra and she leaves this coming week. :(
I'm really not looking forward to it but we are also lucky that Steve (her BF) has heaps of family down there to keep an eye on her.
We are also extremely proud of her. Still very hard to let your baby fly the coop though. :(

Josh is still working with Michael and LOVING it!! Who would've thought hey? From a chef to a concretor. And who can believe he's 21 now?

Jayden is doing well and is still an awesome kid. He is doing his Silver level now for his Duke of Edinburgh award and loving it. Especially going to police service every Thursday afternoon and the trips away they take.

Jedd...well Jedd is still Jedd...LOL Gotta love that boy...

Jye is a bit of a worry of late, he's been having bad migraines. I took him for a CT scan on Wednesday afternoon but they look clear so the doc says its migraines. :( Its awful watching them in so much pain. Jayden suffered from them (touch wood he hasn't had one for a while) but they are awful for adults let alone kids.

Jack scored his first goal in soccer today...WOOHOO! It's been coming for a while and FINALLY it went in!!

Michael is still working his butt off as usual, even more now that I've gone back to work. I tell him he'll make me a great house husband one day...LOL

Scrapbooking...well there have been a few changes in this area as well. I am now on the Forever Always DT am I'm having an absolute ball over there. The girls are all AWESOME and I still learn something new every day. It really is a great forum so if you haven't come over for a look yet...please do. Theres a CC on this weekend too so it's a great weekend to pop in and say hi.

Anyway...just a quick catch up for now...but I'll be back...LOL


Sonia said...

woohoo....glad to have you the land of blogging

Julie said...

Yesss she's back...I knew I was holding onto ur blog on bloglines for a reason....LOL
Great going Rhiannon! Hard on u but.
Congrat's on the new job chickie!
Poor Jye! Hope they nick off soon.
Good to hear things are going well for everyone.
Don't make it so long next time ;oP

Shelley said...

Hey Sharryn - welcome back lovey! You've almost inspired me to catch up on my blog again - sigh.. so much news so little time. Sounds like lots of changes down your way - hope the migraines disappear soon - there's nothing worse when you can't help your kids eh.
Shelley :)

Mardi said...

Loved getting a catch up on your gorgeous family... sorry to hear your beautiful girl is flying the coop... but Im sure you are very proud of her...
M x

jinxi said...

Im so glad you are back! Are you planning on reviving the Scrap the Boys??? ... I depend on and LOVE that blog! {3 boys of my own}.. anyway, welcome back busy woman.. I look forward to more posts!

Amie said...

Wooohooo alright!!!!! I have often stopped in to see if you have updated ;O)

Huge congrats on the new job :o) AND BIG BIG BIG Hugs about Rhiannon going to uni... I still have tears in my eyes reading about it :o(
Hugs Amie xx

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