Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's over Red Rover!!

FINALLY...the fete is over and done with!!
Was a great day and I sold everything but OMFG...I'm so, so glad it's over!
I definately know that was my last year on the home-made lollies stall...was my 12th year doing it and thats heaps as far as I'm concerned!
It really is a big effort and this year I found that I didn't enjoy it as much as other years so obviously that means it's time to hand over the reins to someone who will.
Yet again, Michael and the boys brought home a heap of shit (did I say that? I meant good stuff..LOL) from the White Elephant stall. Jack scored an old colour TV for free God love him, and right at this very moment he is laying in bed with Jedd watching it..LOL Apparently belonged to the Principal and works really well considering it came out with the Ark!!
The kids all had a ball on the rides. Every year we buy the ride bands for them and they get to ride all day. They usually have the Hurricane and Cha Cha and stuff like that so it keeps them happy for 10 minutes of the day anyway..LOL
Not sure who won the car this year. Every year a local car dealer gives away a 2nd hand car at the fete but it wasn't someone from the school who won.
We didn't win any raffles this year but I suppose thats OK. Last time we won anything it was a huge worm farm!!! LOL
So...I've just put together some pics to show you the stall..not the best but I'm too knackered.

Not nearly as much as I usually make but thanks to Master Jedd who shared a virus that I thought was going to wipe us all out during the week...I was too bloody crook to do anything else!
Jedd, Jye and Jack didn't go to school for the whole week they were that sick and the 4 of us layed on the lounges and didn't move almost.
I ended up with Jack up the hospital on Friday afternoon as he got croup out of it all and had to get a dose of Prednisone.
Talk about knock our socks off!!
So yesterday was spent packing the lollies, which should have been done at least last Wednesday/Thursday so it really put me behind.
Michael drove in to Five Dock to pick up the toffee apples for me which was a bit sad really as ever since the boys were little, we've driven in their together the day before the fete and picked them up, getting fresh, free toffee apples that are just to die for! Sort of like an annual pilgrimage really...LOL
Well..thats it for now but will update during the week with the rest of whats been going on and other news I might have.
Have an awesome week and take care


You know who I am ;) said...

Thank goodness!! you survived!!!
Glad your all getting better and you survived the flu, we've all had it too!
Yay on scoring an out of the ark TV lol..
and, another spooky..The school, remind me to tell you!!! lol
Love ME up here!! xx

Amie said...

Glad the fete is over.... and you sold everything. So many people have this yucky flu thing atm..... not good, I hope your feeling heaps better!

Mrs Frizz said...

Pleased that the fete is now kaput, as I'm sure that you will be as well ... 12 years - yep, very long time.

Onwards and upwards now health-wise for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Your amazing Sharron. I will never know how you put so much time and effort into all the work you do each year for the fete when you are a mother of 6. You deserve a medal every year. Excellent work and so inspirational!!! :)

I am sorry to read you have been sick. Sending lots of get well wishes your way. I hope everyone is much better this week. Take good care of yourselves and keep warm xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Terri Holbrook said...

I am amazed at all you manage to get done. You truly are awe inspiring Sharryn.

Petrina McDonald said...

Well done with the fete lovey - you deserve a medal! And congrats also on your layout in SC - looks fantastic!
Love, P

Beth said...

So glad to hear the fete went well! ROFLMAO @ the worm farm! Hope you are all well now! Take care!

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