Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi everyone,
Firstly...I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has left a comment, emailed me or rang me after my last post. Your thoughts and prayers have meant a lot to me and I truly appreciate it.
I've been meaning to update but as I'm absolutely flat out at the moment and have a sprained wrist, I just haven't gotten around to it. So I'll do this post in point form.

*The boys went back to school last Monday (thank goodness)..they were starting to get really bored and started arguing between themselves so was time to go back.

*Wednesday I had to go and get my wrist x-rayed after last Sunday night, and turns out it's sprained, compliments of my asshole brother!! Seeing as I broke it 18 months ago and it still aches from then, it's just what I needed...NOT!!

*Cooking for the fete is going well...I have finished all the chocolate lollies...peanut clusters, coconut roughs and rocky road. Have had to ask a friend to do some rocky road, which I really appreciate as she isn't very well at the moment. Bought all the ingredients to start the coconut ice this week then on to honeycomb and God only knows what else.

*Jack played soccer on Saturday and was goalie again for the 2nd time and OMFG...what a game!! It was awesome (for those that like soccer...not for me..LOL) and he did so well. Very proud of him.

*Both Jack and Jye have made the school soccer team and they are playing another school tomorrow so this should be good.

*Cricket regos started yesterday so was down the club for 3 hours signing people up. Same for the next 2 Sundays but the last one I won't be going to seeing as it's fete day...(Gawd..can't wait till the bloody fete is over this year..can you tell?? LOL)

*For Paolo...I still haven't seen the guy next door. The boys have though, he is a bit of a night owl apparently but it seems to me he doesn't stay there much. My neighbours came home from their 3 week holiday on Wednesday and were gobsmacked to find out he'd moved back into the we are on 'Street Beat'..LOL at the moment...everyone peeping through curtains like Dorrie Evans!!

*Yesterday after cricket rego I came home to a phone call from a very dear friend who rang to let me know her gorgeous father passed away yestrday morning. It was a bit of a shock as this guy only went in for a routine angiogram a couple of weeks ago and just didn't come home. Still not sure what happened but the family is absolutely devastated. John was a true gentleman and a devoted family man and respected by so many people. He and his wife only rang me 3 weeks ago, just 2 days before he went into hospital to ask how my grandfather was doing and to offer any help to get my grandfather to his beloved Bingo games as they all go to the same club. Top bloke! So my thoughts and prayers are with Kerry and her family right now.

Well thats about it for me..I'm off to get the coconut ice started. Grrrrroannnnnn.
Have a great week all and take care.
Sharryn :)


Treezah said...

Glad to hear all is ok, but not nice about sprained wrist!!..
for the record..i LOVE coconut ice LOL...(and soccer!!!)

Mrs Frizz said...

Sounds as tho you are just busy enough ... look after yourself. If I said take it easy - you would only say, yeah right ... when!?!?!?! But you know what I mean. Take care.

P.S. I love coconut ice too ...

Amie said...

P.S.S I love all fete confectionery... Wish I lived near you! LMAO I would come and help you cook I love cooking. YOu probably did too when you got yourself roped into it!

Mardi said...

Long time no chat chicky... Ive been thinking of you...
Mardi x

Paolo said...

LOL....Funny how you knew it was me that wanted to know what was happening with your neighbour....I had to laugh :)

I am sorry you're having family hassles AGAIN!!!!, But you always seem to sort something out when it happens, my thoughts are with ya Beeta.

Can't believe how much the kids have grown!!!! What a blowout!!!!

Gotta call you soon beet, but it may have to be in the arvo or evening...what times and days are best for you??

Ive got some freaky news for ya.
(I've got your attention now havn't I!! LOL)

Anyway gotta get on with being a nerd....have a few other sites to visit.

Take good care Beeta



Love everything in your gallery....great ideas, great favorite is "Goodbye 30's Hello 40's"....great poses and great hair day!....very smart!

Kathleen Pitt said...

ouch to thw wrist, hope it heals up soon! & loved the piccie of your sweet stall, all looks yummy!

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