Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What a day!

Hi chicks!
How goes it??
Well I'm knackered! I took the 3 youngest boys and the dog on a trip today that went for just under 200ks!! OMFG!! We went through the Royal National Park and stopped at every friggen beach on the way...had lunch and I have to say we had the best hamburgers EVER at Bundeena!! Yummy!!
It really was a great day to get out and about after all the bloody rain we've had, I was starting to get water logged and go stir crazy from it all.
The dog loved the beach too although he fell in the pool...you know those old style bathing pools they built years ago right on the beach and only the elderly are seen these days doing laps in them?? LOL I can laugh now but I nearly had heart failure when it happened! Jedd managed to drag him out and he was OK..he actually loves the water so thats a good thing.
We found a bush walking track that I told the boys lead to a nudist beach but you had to walk 20 kms to get to it. Well guess who wanted to go for a 20km walk?? LOL
Typical males!!
Yesterday I spent spring cleaning my family room which was pretty stupid I suppose during school holidays but tomorrow I'm starting to cook for the fete. Yes Mardi, it does only seem like a month ago. Grrrrrrrrr...LOL
I'm up to date with all my scrapping for the moment which is a good thing as I'm not feeling very creative at the moment. Think I've scrapped myself out over the last week and I think it's a good thing to have a couple of days break every now and then. I can't believe I went out today and didn't even take a scrapping mag!! OMG! Even my boys noticed!!
I did scrap a layout for my BOM challenge I've set over at Scrap N Crazy which is to scrap a page based on a relationship you have with an elderly person.
I chose my grandfather, who by the way is a little better but has taken a bit of a turn for the worse since last week:

This is my Aussie Scrapjacked layout for this month. It's a pic of my father and I'm sure he'll kill me for posting this all over the Net but you get that..LOL:

And I've been wanting to start scrapping my hubbies' childhood album so started with this pic. Ain't he cute?? LOL

Well thats it for me today...I'm off to bed..I'm buggered.
Have a great rest of the week and take care.
Sharryn :)


Hannah said...

Love those layouts, Sharryn. You have done well scrapping the men in your life.

ROFLMBO at your guys wanting to walk 20k to a nudist beach!! You didn't, did you??? Coz 20k is really far!

Treezah said...

LOL at the dog falling in, if it was my boys, they'd have been 'falling in' with it, not pulling it out!!
glad you found special time. lucky girl!
Layouts look fab, gotta luv that pic of your dad in his beanie LOL.
Tell your boys, if you come up here, i'll show them the nudist beach at Noosa, it's not a 20k walk LOL but old people dont look that good without clothes on ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Extremely creative Beeta!
I'm proud of ya, and you havn't changed a bit even though life is throwing its best shots at ya!!

Good on ya, and will call you as soon as I get a chance and we'll have a bit of a catch up chat, that's if you still have the same number??


Well I'm sure you know who :-)

Sharryn Thomson said...

Hello Paolo!
Hows it hanging??
So good to here from you!! I actually rang you the other afternoon but got the answering machine AGAIN!!
Hope everything is OK in your world especially with your mum.
Been thinking about you.
Yes...number is the same...do you have broken fingers or something?? LOL
Ring me ring me ring me!!
Actually, if you read this today..ring me tonight..it's a good night for a chat..LOL
Take Care

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the layouts ... awesome ... and walking 20 kms to a nudist beach, they might have walked all that way and found no-one there ... ROFL ...

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