Friday, July 06, 2007

Over everything!

OMFG!! I think I'm over these school holidays already!! ROFL
I've just gone through 2 print cartridges printing out rego forms for cricket...have done 6 batches of coconut roughs in 2 days...have umpired about 4 arguments between the kids in the street...WTF?? Where are there mothers? Do they just think..oh Sharryn has a million boys..we'll just send ours to the end of the cul-de-sac and she won't even notice??
Why is that they notice when their kids go home with a scrapped knee or a bloody nose?? Stupid bitches!! Sorry...but it pisses me off that they come out wanting to know why their kid has hurt themselves when it's too late. many times do I have to tell a kid to get out of a friggen tree in case they fall? Or not to run on the road becasue it's still slippery from the rain! Over it!! Let their stupid friggen kids hurt themselves...they should be bloody well mine are...not to do it in the first place!
So...*composes oneself* how has your week been???
Josh has had 2 days work this week..God love him. I'm so sick of the sight of him sitting here twiddling his thumbs off his tree 'cos he's not working!! Mind you..the hard labour has almost killed him!! LOL
Rhiannon got her green P's yesterday. Will make things a bit easier for her on the roads now since they've bought in all these new rules.
Something really lovely has happened this week though in amongst all of these smelly, stinky, dirty little boys running amok and giving me friggen headaches!!
I've met a lovely lady from QLD through Scrap the Boys submissions who I'm sure is my twin sister lost at birth!! LOL (If she only knew my mother..she'd renounce that title quick smart!!)
We have quite a lot in common through one of our children and let me just say...she has been a complete and utter Godsend. :)
I'm sure we were meant to meet...I truly believe that. For those that know me'll know that I don't 'hit it off' with people very quickly but this one I have.
I won't mention any names or why the connection at this stage but let's just say I hope it means a long-term friendship. You know who you are. :)
Speaking of friendships, one of my dearest friends has made a comment on my blog. Someone who I thought I might have lost contact with and I was thrilled to read your comment this really, really made my day. :)
Makes you wonder who reads your blogs that you thought were boring old, everyday crap doesn't it??
Anyway..thats it for me..I'm expecting a phone call from Paolo...and you better ring too!!
Have a great weekend everyone...take care.
Sharryn :)


Amie said...

Hi Sharon,

You make me laugh, Hope the fete food went well.

Have a great weekend
Amie xx

Jenny said...

Hi Sharryn

I know how you feel... I have THREE boys are hey lets have a street pary! Boys will be boys though and mothers should realize that scrapped knees and scratches and bruises are just BOY STUFF and too bad! Like it wouldnt have happened at home! LOL
Take care and have fun

(new member Scrapncrazy)

Terri Brown said...

Hi Sharryn,

I popped over to see just what you have been up to & had such a giggle at this post. Boys will be boys & if they climb a tree, well expect them to fall...their mum's should know this by now..silly women! lol

Anyway, I am glad your doing well.

Terri xox

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