Friday, June 29, 2007

School hols.

Hi chicks,
Well it's the weekend tomorrow and the start of school holidays....YEEHAA!!
Sleep ins...lazy days...for the boys anyway!!
For's the start of cooking for the school fete again which is on the 5th of August!
OMFG!! Why..oh I do this to myself??
It's my 12th or 13th year of doing the Home Made Lolly stall and yes..I'm going for the gold watch...LOL
So in the next 6 weeks or so be warned..I'll be whinging and whining about melted chocolate and toasted coconut and cellophane bags!!!
This year I'm determined to get some good photos of the girls that I have working on my stall..that I've had now for the past 7 years or so. grandfather made it home OK..I still haven't rang him cos I'm still so pissed off with the stubborn old bugger and can't believe he put hmself and so many others in danger by driving home.
I think it's so selfish of him and I don't care how old he is, who he is or whats happened to him. It's selfish with a capitol S and we read about these silly, stupid old buggers causing accidents all the time. I don't want to be a family member that has to live with that for the rest of my life.
Selfish of me?? Stiff shit!!!
I was rapt today to find out that my ad that I scrapped for Scrap N Crazy won!!
Chelle had a comp yonks ago for someone to scrap an ad for her to use as advertising for the scrap mags and I WON!!
WOOHOO...go Shaz!! LOL
I won't upload it now 'cos I'm not sure if I'm allowed but I can say that I won a $50- voucher to spend in store! How cool is that man?? Especially as it was digitally scrapped!
Also over at SNC, Lisa came up with an achromatic challenge for the DT to scrap a LO using the 3 colours black, white and grey. Hmmmmmmm...I thought. I decided that since I was in such a good mood for once...LOL that those colours were quite I scrapped a gloomy LO. I must say gave me the chance of getting some 'black thoughts' out on my scrapping. Here is my LO:

Journalling reads:
'Ever since I started having kids, I have suffered with post-natal depression which has just manifested into something that I have lived with for many years now. I have been medicated for the past 11 years, something that I was embarrassed about at first, but now realise is a necessity for my well-being. I still have my 'down times' and still find it extremely hard to 'climb' back up to me bit I now realise this is just part of me, like it or not.'

So it's a bit of a personal LO, but it's me to a tee.

Woohoo...Souths have just won another game and that does it for me for the night.
Have a good weekend chicks.
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

BIG congratulations for your win of the scrap an add compt. A $50 voucher is an excellent prize. Have fun spending that.

I love this layout made from grey, black and white. What a lovely design and photo. Terrific work as always. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great time in the school holidays and keep warm and safe xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Julie said...

yep don't ya just love school holiday' 12/13 years of doing that's commitment.
Congrat's on winning the scrap an comp. Fantastic prize too. I bet it's burning a hole in ur online pocket too. ;P
Love the design lo. & the journalling is a great one to be shared.
Have fun baking.
catch ya

Shelley said...

congrats on your win Sharryn... love the layout too.. awesome work.. we are into our second week of school hols here.. back to work for me on Monday after two weeks off... enjoy the fete preps!

Shelley :)

Hannah said...

Sharryn, I just love that layout, and the honesty in your journalling. I also suffered PND with both my boys, and was on medication for a year each time. I commend you for being brave enough and honest enough to do a layout on this topic. I think I will have to do the same one day ... when I'm feeling extra brave :-) Thanks for being so inspirational!

PS. I'm glad your Grandad made it home safely.

Mardi said...

It seems like only a month ago that you were cooking for that fete...are you sure its time again??

Glad Grandpa made it home safely... now whip around and confiscate his keys..

Congrats on your ad... happy spending..

Mardi x

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