Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bizarre happenings

Whew!! Stop the world...I wanna get off!!
My head is spinning with all the things I'm trying to keep up with and do and then on top of that the most bizarre thing happened on the weekend that I just cannot, for the life of me, get my head around!!
We moved in to this house 7 years ago in November, it's a rental property and is in a cul-de-sac with only 12 houses, we are at the very end. Most of the neighbours in the street have been here for years before us and all fabbo neighbours.
Just after we moved in here though we were told by so many people about this guy that used to live in this house who apparently, the landlord had to get the sheriff to remove as he wasn't paying rent etc etc etc. He had all these dogs that trashed the house and when it all came out in the wash, he had a house full of stolen goods and word had it that he was a dealer. Keep in mind that this is quite a big house...it now houses 8 of us, so why would a young, single guy want a house that big for himself anyway?
So...our next door neighbours moved out about 4 weeks ago. Their house and this one is seperated by a laneway. Friday morning at 1.24 AM!! we heard this cars doors banging and looked outside our bedroom windown which is right at the very edge of the laneway kind of..to find people moving in!! At THAT time of the morning??
Saturday, my boys and some of the other kids in the street were talking to a girl who I'd assumed moved into the house next door, aged in her early 20's. They were looking at the dogs and making small talk, as you do, when a new neighbour moves in.
When I called them in for lunch however, one of my boys says, 'Oh..you know that new guy next door? He used to live in this house!'
'Cos we've been here so long now we've actually come to meet every single family thats ever lived here through the neighbours so I instantly had a hunch who my DS meant and after aksing his name I knew!!! OMFG!! What the??
I went next door (to the other side..LOL) and told them and I almost, literally, had to pick their jaws up off the ground!
Why would you come back to the same street, 7 years later, obviously doing the same thing as he doesn't stay there of a night (well hasn't so far), has a backyard full of dogs, a house or garage full of quad bikes and motorbikes, apparently has a plasma TV bigger than me...and doesn't work?? I know he doesn't work 'cos the young girl who they were talking too, who I still don't know who she is, obviously a friend of his, told them!
After having to be forcibly removed from a property by sherriffs, and in handcuffs, how could you possibly come back to the same street?? Either this guy has no shame or he's after something!!
My neighbours on the other side of him have gone away and left me with their house keys and stuff with instructions to feed animals etc etc and a little note to say don't worry about anything..we are insured..nothing can spoil our holiday!! Ummm...never say never!! They are going to absolutely die when they come home and find him in that house!!
I just can't get over it I really can't!!
Gosh I had so much to tell you since my last post but at the moment I have the boys watching a movie on surround sound and Michael watching a DVD on Jaydens laptop and its driving me nuts..all this friggen noise!!
Oh yes...something thats very exciting which I'll post about is that we are having a competition over at Scrapncrazy for a new, permanent DT member!!
This comp is going to be AWESOME and if you've ever wanted to be on a DT then come on over and join in the fun!
It's an awesome forum and the girls there are just so friendly and funny and the cyber crops are absolutely second to none!!
Head on over for a look-see..I'm sure you won't be disappointed: Scrapncrazy

Going to have to leave it here now as I seriously need to take a powder...PMPL
My head is aching!!
Have a great week
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

Trouble has always followed you around and still is!!


Sharryn Thomson said...

LOL Paolo...I'm a shit magnet from way back!!
You should know that!!

Beth said...

Jeepers Shaz, I dont like the sounds of it!! I hope it all pans out ok and the dogs dont bark too much!

BTW thanks for leaving that comment on my blog. Its nice to know Luke may still turn out normal! LOL!

Chelle said...

that is very weird... maybe he left some buried treasure at your place and wants it back.. Gawd i hope not!!

BTW you've been tagged... hahah know ya lurve me MW

Anonymous said...

Wow what a hide this man has moving back into the same street he was removed from all those years ago. Amazing what things happen isn't it.

I'd be keeping a very close eye on things and if you see anything odd or suspicious I'd call the police. I'm sure they would love to know about stolen property.

I wonder if this man now has a criminal record after the things he did in the past.

Be careful Shaz, don't let your guard down for a moment.

Have a great week and keep smiling. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

PS: This Saturday some of the Sydney Boxx members are meeting together at a scrap shop in Penrith. I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago stating the details. I hope your coming along too.

Bec said...

Hi gorgeous! LTNC
Just letting you know that along with Chelle.... I have also tagged you! LOL

Keep your eyes on that guy, don't like the sounds of this...
Take care
Chat soon?
Love n hugz

Terri Brown said...

WOW Sharryn, this is just bizarre! Why would you move back into the same street? Keep an eye on you & yours hun!

kellie said...

LOL im loving reading your stories Sharryn!!

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