Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stubborn old bugger!

Hi everyone,
How are you all??
Hope everything is OK in your world.
At the moment..we are sitting here stressing out about my bloody stubborn, selfish old grandfather who decided to wake up this morning, have a shower and a shave, pack his suitcase as he has been staying at my mothers house since he came out of hospital and got in his car and drove home.
Of course my mother pleaded with him to stay, they fought and they argued but he has been a stubborn old bugger for the past couple of weeks and he's been stressing about his bank books that my uncle has been taking care of since my grandfathers stroke...but apparently these days you can't even trust your own son...so off he went!
Don't worry that you might kill someones innocent child on the way home 'cos you can't even walk properly let alone drive a car!! Don't worry that at any given moment you could have another stroke...at the wheel!!
I am seriously gobsmacked here and can't believe he has done this!!
My mother even went as far as ringing the police to tell them he was on the road but they said they couldn't do anything about it as legally he still has a full drivers license. What the? Does it mean nothing that she has a letter from his doctor stating that just 2 weeks ago he had 2 strokes in one day???
What the fuck is this world coming too?
Just say, God forbid, that he ran into a car load of kids and killed one of them?? What then?
The world hangs so much shit off P-platers these days but they fail to realise that some of our elderly people really need to be kept off the roads as well.
What about the guy that ran into Sophie Delezio? He was elderly and apparently the glare of the sun in his eye prevented him from seeing the pedestrian crossing.
I seriously believe that there should be some form of notification on the cars of these elderly drivers warning others. They should be made to wear plates on their cars..like M plates for mature age drivers or something similar.
Their reflexes are not the same in old age for a start.
Cop this...when my grandfather turned 85..the RTA did his yearly license check and gave him a license stating he could only drive within a 10 km radius of his home. Each year after a certain age in NSW they must sit this test right? The following year he went back to the RTA for his license check and the stupid BITCH behind the counter reinstated his FULL FRIGGEN LICENSE!!! OMFG!!
Now he is 89 years old and still has that full license...has just had 2 strokes in one day..can hardly walk...but can legally drive a car??
Why can't the doctors have the right to say..OK..you are 89..you have had 2 strokes in one day..I'm sorry but I must now fill in a form effective immediately to say you no longer will be safe to yourself or others, to drive on the roads?
Why do we have to go through all the red tape? By then most of the time it's too late!
I know he is my grandfather and I love him dearly...but I've been stressing all afternoon thinking...if he did have an accident and killed someone...us..his family..would have to live with that..knowing that he shouldn't have been on the roads at all. Why can't we get help to get him off the road?
Beats the shit out of me!!
Sorry for the rant but seriously...the law sucks about this and I'm sick of hearing about P-platers...they're not all bad..I have 2 of them. We really need to focus on our elderly drivers more.
On a lighter note, I was thrilled to be asked to be a Guest DT member this month for Fireside Crafts.
I was sent an AWESOME kit that I received on Friday and I have to say girls...this kit was HUMUNGOUS!!
They are a relatively new forum based on kit format sales and the kits are fabulously priced for the content and product you receive.
Head on over for a look at the 2nd kit they are now selling called 'Twice Burnt'...great stuff!
Well thats my rant and rave over for the day....
Take it easy
Sharryn :)


Sam said...

wow Sharryn ..... I hope for everyone that he doesn't decide to drive anymore. That would be so sad if something did happen. :(

I must say I am stunned that the doctor didn't fill out something to have his licence revoked.
My Dad has had his licence taken away at the request of his doctor and that is more to do with mental health rather than physical and he is only 55

Thinking of you and your family

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Oh Shaz

I can understand why your worried and stressed. I hope once he is home he will stay put and not want to be driving around again.

I think sometimes older people just want to be in their own homes regardless of what else is happening.

I know my husbands Nana who is in her 80's can be mighty stubborn sometimes especially when it comes to her health.

I guess it gives them some feeling of independance knowing they can still be allowed to drive at that age. On the other hand I totally agree it would be dreadful if they did have an accident and cause injury or death to another person.

Good luck. Have fun with your new DT role and all the supplies. Sounds great and you deserve it xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Jodes said...

Hey chicky babe how ya been.

Have'nt dropped in for a while so i thought id come by and say hello.

Thats scary shit mate, i cant believe someone would state a full licence to an 89yr old man who just had a couple of strokes, i agree totally the law sucks big time. The elderly should be tested every year when they reach a certain age to make sure all their motor skills and reflex's are reliable and evasive, too many people are dying on the roads these days and rules and laws have to be changed.

Hope it all works out ok Shaz and everyone stays safe.

Take care

Mardi said...

Hiya Chickie.... I agree totally with your rant.. it is just wrong...but unfortunatly happening all the time.

I have been seeing yuor name popping up everywhere lately... its fabulous... have fun with your fireside priducts...I saw their site the other day and the kits did look lovely!

Mardi xx

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