Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May day!!!

Hi everyone,
Well...it's about time I updated this blog isn't it?? LOL
Wow..just been so busy lately I haven't had time to scratch myself!
Can't even remember where I'm up to with my last post..LOL
I know I told you all we have a new puppy. Well he is just a delight to have around..not too naughty as puppies usually are. I still haven't managed to get a really good photo of him 'cos he just doesn't sit still long enough!
The kids (and big kids in the house) all love him and he's really become a part of the family already!
I've decided I just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate over May as it's just going to be so busy my head reels just thinking about it!!
This Thursday night is the boys' junior cricket clubs AGM and I've been asked to run for Secretary. This is going to be a HUGE commitment!! The last person has done it for 26 years! It means getting in the clubs computer, printer, filing cabinet and God only knows what else has been accumulated in the last 26 years!
Friday Rhiannon turns 18!! Woo hoo!! She has waited so long for this day. She is going out on Friday night into the city where all her friends will meet her so we won't even see her except for in the morning when she leaves for work!
Friday is also my mothers birthday.
My nieces' partner turns 21 on the same weekend, Michaels step-mother turns 60 on the 6th!! She is having a party on Sunday and Michael and his sister will go visit in the morning but we're also having a BBQ for family Rhiannon on Sunday so they'll be back here for that.
My fathers birthday is on the 12th, Jayden is 14 on the 22nd...and I turn the BIG 40 on the 18th!! I was going to have a small party but I don't know yet.
My niece turns 20 on the 14th..same day as Jyes' interview for high school and Michaels younger sister turns 20 on the 21st (I think..LOL).
On top of that we have Mothers Day and car rego for the van...and I will be going into hosital on the 21st to have these hernias removed. OMFG...I'm probably going to need the hospital rest...LOL
How am I going to get through this month???
It always happen that the kids friends birthday parties all happen in May as well and theres always a million and one invitations!!
Speaking of the boys...they had their cricket presentation on Sunday and they all received trophies. Jye cleaned up as usual. Got all the batting trophies again.
We had our 2nd cyber crop over at Scrap N Crazy on the weekend and I've gotta say...they are the BEST CC's ever!! Ask anyone that came.
So much fun and the girls are just awesome..every one of them.
Both blogs I'm involved in, Aussie Scrapjacked and Scrap the Boys are doing really well. :) I'm about to go now and announce the new 'jackee' for May...and there is a 'scrap your boys school photo comp' going on at Scrap the Boys at the moment.
So I'm getting a fair bit of scrapping done at the moment too seeing as I'm not very mobile at the moment. :)
Well thats it for now chicks...take it easy and I'll promise to blog again soon.
Oh before I go...I have been tagged by the gorgeous Tammy Templeton.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Well this isn't going to be easy...let me think.
1) I have 2 middle names..Joy Marlene..(DO NOT LAUGH)..but I didn't know this until I was 16yrs old and got a copy of my birth certificate.

2) I won't swim in a pool with a creepy crawly in it (you know those pool cleaners??) 'cos I'm shit scared of them and think I'll get sucked into the filter!

3) I have almost finished writing a book on my family history.

4) I was once the record holder for high jumps in High School. (Never had hernias then..ROFL)

5) Almost every member of my fathers family, himself, his brothers, his father, later his step-father, his sister-in-laws, my mother and myself...all, at some stage of our lives, worked in the same chocolate factory.

6) I have 6 kids but only planned one of them....the youngest!!

7) I had all my kids in different hospitals.

Well now I'm supposed to tag 7 people but after checking out everyones blogs lately I think everyones done it...LOL
So...I tag EVERYONE from Scrap N Crazy who hasn't done this tag yet...LOL

Have fun
Sharryn :)


Shelley said...

I'm back :D

May must be a busy month for all hey! Although I must admit even though my May is busy - its no where near as busy as yours. Hope the op thing goes well and you are up and at em in no time.

Beth said...

Ohhh I HATE creepy crawleys too!!!!
Enjoy your May, even though it will be a blur!
Goodluck for the operation!

I Scrap therefore I am said...

eewwwww I don't like those Kreepy Krawlies either (and my BIL works for them!!!)

Bec said...

Hi gorgeous, just doing the rounds.. noticed you've been quiet past couple of days.. all ok?? Have *finally* posted off photo to you..very sorry for delay!!! Should get there Thursday if Aus Post is playing nice!

Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharryn,
PMSLOL at the kreepy crawly thingies Aha ha ha...I got thrown into a pool when I was a kid with one of those in there and I thought that it was going to suck me up too...*insert JAWS music here* hehehe...So now I have a fear of them too.
Aren't we just silly :P

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