Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy doing nothing

Hey chicks :)
How ya doin'??
OMG...we have been so flat out these school holidays. Can't say the past week we've done that much but I always seem to be so bloody busy. Can you be busy doing nothing??
Monday morning my mother rang up ranting and she does. About the pup my brother brought a couple of months ago...yet again. This poor pup!! I mean seriously, what did they expect bringing a new puppy into a townhouse not big enough to swing a cat around in!! It barks all the time, it gets under my feet, it pees everywhere! Hello!! Wake up and smell the roses woman...this is what pups do!!
Anyway...she was adamant the pup had to go and during the day my brother had rung here to ask Michael where the local pound was but Michael said no..don't take him to the pound bring him around here. So...we now have a new dog!!
He's actually very cute, he's a staffy and he's only 4 months old. His name is Max and he has settled in here beautifully. I've taken a few photos of him but he doesn't sit still for long so I'll have to wait till I'm home alone with him to get decent ones.
So Tuesday morning seen the boys and I off shopping to our local HUGE Pet Barn to get some things for him. OMFG!! I had no idea they sold half the stuff they do these days for dogs!! We bought him some toys and a new mattress etc etc...but I've got my eye on a doggy Drizabone coat for's so cute. Oh yeah...I'm also buying him a Souths jersey! He lives in my house now so he goes for South Sydney!!
Jye, the delightful little child, has told me he has a whole project to finish before school goes back on Monday so we'll be spending most of this weekend doing that! Grrrrrrr...I HATE that with a passion. Why do kids do that??
Not sure if I mentioned in my last post but I had a suspected pulled muscle in my right groin and while we were away camping it got considerably worse..probably from all the walking. Actually, at one stage, I had to get my BIL in to come get me in the ute..LOL
I went to my doc on Tuesday (I think??..LOL) and he had a poke around and said that there was a lump in my groin and referred me for an ultrasound. Turns out its a femoral hernia and I also have one in my left groin! What the??
(Just don't ask Dee how I think it happened...ROFL)
Anyway..back to my doc with the scans I went and he referred me to a surgeon who I seen on Friday. Turns out this surgeon doesn't believe they are hernias...said after not even looking at the scans..but he says he has had a couple of cases like this before where he's operated and found no hernias!! I told him that the ultrasound technician had called in the specialist doctor to show him and he had agreed but the surgeon wouldn't be swayed and believes its a joint problem! So now I'm going to get x-rays to try and work out what it is. Far out!!
Oh..then on Wednesday night...I'd been down with the dog and we have 10 concrete stairs to get up to our back door and I thought the dog was under my foot so I missed the bottom step..grabbed the railing and done a full twist before smashing my back and fat ass up against the railing and stair. I could hardly walk on Thursday and should see the size of the bruise on my clacker!! Hahahaha!!
That'll teach me!
We also found out yesterday that our niece is pregnant!! We've just spent last week with her and her BF camping and I didn't pick it..LOL Turns out she found out Tuesday. So Michael will be a great uncle and I a great aunty. Wow...doesn't that sound old?? So congrats to Emma and Matt!!
Next weekend there will be a cyber crop at Scrap N Crazy so if you want a weekend of fun filled scrapping please come join us!
The last CC was fantastic and all the girls who came said they had a fantastic time and this one proves to be even better.
Chelle and Lisa have surprises planned...well Lisa does and she won't give us any hints...and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
So come along and play.

If you're not registered click the link above and go for it. You'll be glad you did!
Chat soon
Sharryn :)


Tammy Templeton said...

Oh how cute another Max in the cyber-family :) I know what you mean about the little critters getting uder your feet. Our poor Max has had his tail slammed in the door, his foot stepped on at least twice and I ran over his tail on the computer chair the other night because he was sitting under it (oppsie) poor little pooch. Now if I step on one of the kids toys I just about do the Tango trying to get out of "it's" way PMSLOL. I hope your "clacker" doesn't hurt too much ya poor thing.
And now to top off your week-end you've been TAGGED. You'll have to read my blog Scrapbook Nook to see how it goes ;)
Take care and have fun!!
Tammy X

Lisa Harman said...

Oh Sharryn you poor thing I do feel for you..and hey I think I have a rouhg idea how you got hurt.. we was talking about some things werent we.. lol

and for all those that like nice suprises come and check it out at the crop.. you never know when I willbe unveiling it.. haha

Mardi said...

LOL at you Sharryn...I can only imagine how you got the groin injury...I do hope it gets better soon...
...I always get a giggle when you update....
Mardi x

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