Friday, May 11, 2007

Field trip to the Leagues club..LOL

Hi chickies,
Hows it going??
Well we got through the first weekend of May in one piece!!
Rhiannon turned 18 and went out into the city with all her friends for the big night.
Had a great time and lots of photos for me to scrap..LOL
Saturday night we went to the club for my nieces' partners 21st which was nice. Talk about out of the loop though!! Have you seen those electronic thingamajigs they give you when you order dinner now? Looks like a mobile phone and beeps when your tuckers ready?
Far about technology!! LOL We'd ordered all the kids dinners and Michael and I were the last to order and mate...I was starving. Our beeper thing kept going off and I kept running in to get my food but it wasn't ready...OMFG..I was ready to chew the chefs arm off!!
Oh...they also had this thing called stonegrill meals..have you seen those?
I nearly died when the waitress walked past with two steaks sitting on this slab of what looked like marble and the bloody thing was still mooing it was that raw. My face must have dropped because my brother in laws sister started laughing and explained that the steak actually cooks itself on the stonegrill. Fair dinkum...a trip to the local Leagues club was a real eye opener. Can you tell we don't go out very often?? LOL
Sunday we had a family BBQ lunch for Rhiannon that was really nice. It turned out very well.
Jayden is now doing his Duke of Edinburgh award asnd has gone this morning for his first hike. I have to drive down to the National Park tomorrow to pick him up.
FINALLY, my operation is all booked in and I'm ready to go! What a crisis thats turned out to be..if I was a suspicious person I'd say it just wasn't meant to be with all the shits that come with it.
Firstly MBF stuffs me around big time...then the surgeon rebooked the op and brought it a week forward, gave me the paper work to take to the hospital...the day I booked in he rang and're going to another hospital!! Fark me!!
So I'm going in Monday afternoon..have to be there at 1.15p.m. I'm now on a strict diet and can't eat jack shit. So I'll be enjoying a nice Barium Meal for Mothers Day while you're sitting up eating strawberries and sipping champers. Hey...I was told to drink only clear fluids..isn't champagne a clear fluid?? Hmmmmmm...
On the scrapping front...I've had another 2 acceptances this week...YAY!!
I received my DT pack from Chelle on Monday and I've already completed 2 LO's with that. Figured I'd get in early. Also started my OTP with the kit this morning.
At the Scrap N Crazy cyber crop...Lisa looked after the Make & Take and let me tell you girls...they were just awesome! I made mine and finished it as a 'Look Who's 18' present for Rhiannon.

Isn't it just the sweetest little album? The basis of these albums are envelopes too...very clever Lisa..thanks!!

Well I think thats all from me this week.
Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your Mothers deserve it!!
Sharryn :)


Hannah Blair said...

Oh, I love Stonegrill dining! It is such a great idea, and makes sure you get your steak just how you like it - no more guessing if "medium rare" is the same for different chefs (which it isn't!!) ... but I've never been brave enough to order a chicken dish on Stonegrill - needs to be cooked properly, a little too risky I think!

Have a nice Mother's Day Sharryn, hope your kids spoil you rotten!

Anonymous said...

Hi there :)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx here. Blogger doesn't like me at the moment and keeps giving me messages my account password is incorrect.

The only way I can leave comments on blogs is via the Anonymous posting, so here I

Re your operation, I will keep you in my thougts and prayers. I hope everything goes well and your 100% very soon xxoo

Great news about you getting more magazine acceptances, that's terrific! Your scrapping always looks fabulous.

I love this little book you made for Rhiannon. Excellent idea and so nicely put together. You have loads of talent Shaz, thanks for sharing.

Take care and keep smiling xxoo

Sam said...

gorgeous album Sharryn :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn,
Congrats on your acceptances!! That's fabulous. I bet your a happy little vegemite about that :)
I hope your op goes smoothly and your back on your feet in no time.
Happy mother's day to you, for yesterday. I hope you had a good day, bareum and all ;)

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