Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me :)

OMG....I'M 40 YEARS OLD!!!

Where has the time gone? It wasn't that long ago I was turning 30 and expecting my 6th child!'s almost been 10yrs since I've had a baby!
Thats huge...considering I had 6 kids in 10 years and was pregnant for 54 months out of a possible 90! Wow... that amazes even me..ROFL

I had a lovely day today considering the past week we've had.

Had to go see the surgeon for a post op. check up but that didn't take long so then Michael took me to my LSS for a bit of shopping. Just bought some much needed cardstock and got some of the new Heidi Swapp clear journalling stamps and some bling frames.

Josh gave me money for scrapping supplies last night God love him and Rhiannon is taking me to see the play Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on the 2nd of June.

I came home from the docs to find the most GORGEOUS bunch of flowers waiting for me from the equally GORGEOUS bunch of girls at Scrap N Crazy...thanks so much again girls...they were just lovely and what a surprise!!

Heres' a pic that Jayden took of me with them...please pardon the daggy hair and black bags under my eyes...LOL

Aren't they just lovely? Beautiful colours in them and they smell so nice. :)

Jedd and Jayden had a Pupil Free Day today and Jack was home as he has chicken pox, so Jedd and Jack scrapped me a layout each for my birthday. :) I'll get pics of them tomorrow and show you. It was a really sweet thing to do and Jedd actually chose his cardstock at the LSS God love him. :)

The operation went well but I was a bit put off when the surgeon came around the next day and told me there were no hernias! What the?? Why then did they show up on the ultrasound and why did the ultrasound technician have the specialist in for a second opinion who described these so called hernias as 'quite impressive'?? I have full trust in the surgeon I had..he is an awesome doctor and I would definately use him again if I had to and I'd recommend him to anyone..actually I already have. So I have no idea what is going on there but he did tell Michael and I this afternoon that the ultrasound technician referred another woman to him just this afternoon with the same thing and I know of at least one before me!! Had to laugh at one of my friends husbands up the school this morning when I was dropping Jye off...he asked how I went with the op etc etc and I told him there were no hernias. Without missing a beat he said 'I've always told you you've got balls Thommo and thats what they picked up in the ultrasound...they just haven't descended yet!!'...ROFL Gee..thanks mate!!

So that was my decade of my life finished and another beginning. They say life begins at 40 and I say well bring it on!!

Take Care

Sharryn :)


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Sharryn!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx here.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I'm glad you have been spoilt today. You deserve all the good things life has to offer :)

I've had you on my mind through the week and am glad your OK. Strange about what's happened though, the Dr not being able to find the hernias. How odd!

Take care of yourself and have a relaxing week end.

I hope Jack recovers from the chicken pox soon. Sending get well wishes to him. From Susan xxoo

deirdre said...

Happy birthday darlin, hope it has been a wonderful day, sounds like it. So good to hear the op went well, look after those niggets hey? PMSLOL.......... :)

deirdre said...

I meant nuggets ROFLOL ;)

Lisa said...

Hey HSappy birthday Sharron!!! Sounds like you had a great day :)

Debbie Bradley said...

Belated Birthday wishes, Sharryn.

DenimAngel said...

Happy Birthday Sharryn. I know about the NO HERNIA thing too, happened to one of our little guys. It showed up on the ultrasound and after the op we were told there was no hernia. He was running up and down the hallway the next morning (wishing you half of his good recovery lol). The thing is there is still this lump bulging when he coughs ???

Julie said...

Hey Happy birthday Chickie!
So glad u had a great day!
So glad that ur op. went well!
Long time no see ;) Hopefully I can be on here more often!
Have a FAntabulous week & a quick recovery :P

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for Friday Sharryn. Life begins at 40...Yeah baby bring it on!! Glad your op went well. Hey maybe the US tech accidently pressed the record button on some poor lady and then he's been replaying it everytime his done another US. Hey stranger things have been know to happen PMSLOL!! Glad to hear that your ok though sweetie...mate :)
Scrap shopping sounds like the ultimate birthday present.
Happy scrapping.
Tammy X

Mardi said...

Happy Birthday Chickie...welcome to the aint that bad...and it looks like you have been spoilt rotten so thats good...
LOL at you and your infamous hernias though....
Mardi x

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