Monday, June 11, 2007

Bad, bad blogger...

Aren't I just the worst blogger in the world??
I haven't blogged for ages...yet again!!
Well as usual we have all been extremely busy here.
I survived May yet again for another year thank goodness!
Jack got over his chicken pox but then Jye got them but only a very mild dose.
My 'ghost hernias' have settled down somewhat..LOL
I haven't been back to my GP yet..just couldn't be bothered to be honest. Whats the point? I'm sick of hearing they are're not blah blah blah...either they are or they aren't!!
Rhiannon bought me tickets to go and see the musical Priscilla: Queen of the Desert for my birthday which we went and seen last Sunday afternoon. OMFG...if you get a chance to go and see it then GO!! It was so funny and the costumes are AMAZING!!
The actors play their roles so was just great.
We went to Star City casino for lunch before the show which was great as neither of us have been there before either. HUGE place...but not for me. I'm not the poker machine type person. Far out...some people wager so much money on those stupid things don't they?
I have some sad news also.
My gorgeous grandfather has had a stroke...well a series of mini strokes actually.
It could have been much worse, at least he is 'with it' and can still talk albeit very slurry. It was mainly his legs that were affected which he'll have to have rehab on for some time before he's allowed to leave the hospital.
It was a shock to everyone. I know he is 89 years old but this man has been in hospital twice in his entire life...once when he was born back in 1918 and the other time was to have a hernia removed...LOL...the freakin' dreaded hernia!!
He is a very healthy 89 yr old and still drives his car around...which the silly bugger did the day of the strokes! Can you believe it? He had his first 'turn' in the shower that morning..knew he was sick but still went to bloody Bingo!! OMG!
Thank goodness a lady from the bingo realised he wasn't too well and rang my uncle.
My grandfather still went grocery shopping though after bingo then had another turn when he got home.
So our prayers are with him at the moment God love him.
This weekend Michael took the boys down to Bungonia camping. It's that cold they are all going to come home with extremely high voices I think!
I didn't go as I have the flu and I didn't want to be where I couldn't be contacted in case anything happens with my grandfather.
Josh went to see Crusty Demons..that motorbike show on Friday night and he still doesn't have a voice! He said it was an awesome show though and I'm glad he had a good time..he's been looking forward to it forever. big 18 yr old girl..has gone to Wagga for the weekend. Her girlfriend from school has just turned 18 so Rhiannon and another friend went to see her. Kylie is studying at Uni up there and gets home every now and again but the girls decided they wanted to go and visit her there for a change. She's just messaged me to say she has just got on the train!!
Michael also just messaged me to say that he is on his way home so I guess thats my peaceful weekend over.
Thats it for me anyway girls...I'm off to make a cuppa before the boys get home all smelly and dirty....ewwwwwww!!
Take it easy and enjoy your month.
Sharryn :)


heike said...

what colour combo did you enter your's in? If it was in the red and orange one, I'm waiting for a friend to send me a photo of it as mine didn't turn out. Let me know and I'll try and get it to you. Haven't got one of the black and green one though.

Mardi said...

Hooray...she is still here...I thought youd gone completley
Sad news on your grandfather...I hope he is ok...
Mardi x

Sam said...

sorry to hear about your Grandfather, I hope his recovery is a smooth one.

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear of your grandfather's stroke, he is cheeky for going to Bingo though.

I wish him a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn

So sorry to read your sad news about your grandfather. I do hope he recovers. It's hard watching our loved ones get older isn't it.
I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers xxoo

Great that you and Rhiannon had a fun day out at the Casio and then to the musical. That sounds fantastic.

I hope your flu germs dissapear super fast. Sending you lots of get well wishes.

From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

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