Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter break

Well hiddy hi!! :)
Seems so long since I've blogged here...ages actually!
Gee I don't even know where to start...LOL
Easter was great. We had my mother, father (yes in the same room at the same time...LOL) and my legend of a grandfather over for lunch on Good Friday. Or should I say a feast!!
We cooked so much food...garlic & chilli prawns, we also coated and cooked 2 kilos of fish, made about 3 dozen tuna rissoles and had this with salad etc. It was scrummy!!
Veged on the Saturday still to full to move from the day before..LOL
Sunday we picnicked with Michaels father and it was a great day. Quite adventurous too.
I won't mention any names of any certain theme parks that 'used' to be around many years ago that have been closed down for something like 25 years...but everything is still there so we went and had a look...LOL
OMFG....were we in for a shock and a half!
Michael, Rhiannon, the 4 youngest boys, my FIL and nephew went for a sticky beak through this place that 'once was', making our way under and over fences (which is why I'm not mentioning names..LOL)...we got to these 2 huge gates that I suppose were meant to keep people like us OUT!
It was quite eerie actually. Michael found this HUGE poop and was calling us over for a you do..LOL That in itself should've given it away that something big was around.
So we kept walking and Rhiannon and I were joking about it being like Jurassic Park when lo and behold...Michael and I happened to look to the right at the same time and both probably shit ourselves at the same time too...staring right at us were 2 HUGE friggen buffalo!

Check out those bloody horns!!
We actually weren't this close in the compound itself. We got these pics when we went back around another fence for a look. This is a zoomed in pic..LOL
I'm not sure who was the most scared out of all of us but I can say that smoke was coming out of all our clackers when we were trying to get away from them!
I'm so, so, so glad they didn't take much interest in us because there is NO WAY my FIL or I would've made it back to the gap in the fence we came in. They would have got us for sure.
All jokes was really quite a scary experience and could've been a fatal one. We were very lucky!
Monday Michael was taking the boys camping and I was going to have a nice, relaxing time at home on my own. However that wasn't meant to be!
I was talked into going at the 11th hour and I'm so glad I did! We had an absolute ball!
My father came down for the first 2 nights then my BIL, niece, nephew and her boyfriend, whos parents actually own the property, came down so we stayed till Friday rather than Wednesday like I was promised!!
We didn't even take the tent! It was under the stars for us all!
There is no running water or no electricity on this is all quite primitive.
Check out this for apparent '5 star Princess bush accomodation'!!

Yep...that was my 'bedroom' for the week away! On the back of our trailer in a swag!!
No wonder my back is so bloody sore!!
I even managed to get some scrapping done in the bush which was quite fun. I took my Make and Take from the Scrap N Crazy cyber crop to finish, Jedd found me a table and a ridgey dige chair, God love him, and he set me up to scrap away in the bush!

Don't I look like a hillybilly?? ROFL!
I ended up getting the table taken off me after a while to prepare rude! LOL
We went into Goulburn to get supplies on the Wednesday and I'd cleaned myself up the best I could under the circumstances but my nails were so dirty it was embarrassing!
I found a little scrapbook shop (of course!!) and bought a few things but it was so funny when I went to press in my pin number when completing the sale 'cos was trying not to let the shop owner see my dirty nails I was almost pressing the keypad with my knuckles!!
I've managed to catch up with all the washing since we got back thank goodness as the rain clouds look like bursting all over the place yet again!
Everything just stunk like campfire and once you're out of the camp and can really notice the smell and it ain't so good!!
I was saddened to come home though and hear one of my good friends mother passed away on Thursday. She has been ill for quite some time though. So I'm off to her funeral on Tuesday.
Michael goes back to work tomorrow so it will be just me and the kids again for the next week before they go back to school.
So that was our Easter...quite exciting and a good break away.
Hope yours was just as good.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Ohh look absolutley gorgeous scrapping in the bush!!

Im so glad you went and had a great time... and I know what you mean about the camp fire smell....we camp a lot too...and its just disgusting once you get home and have your shower and then sniff your dirty
Mardi x

Bee said...

Oh I laughed all the way through that post LOL. I could actually picture myself back peddling through the fence after spotting thos huge buffalo. LMAO. Glad you are OK though and nobody got hurt.

You are certainly keen scrapping away in the bush!!

Chelle said...

PML Sharryn there is never a dull moment with you!
I was wondering how you could have stopped to take the photo's
Then I read on further LOL

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time, which is wonderful!

I Scrap therefore I am said...

OMG - bush scrapping! What will you think of next!
Petrina :)

Lisa Harman said...

your a bloody cracker Sharryn. I love the photos and the scrapping whilst camping.. what a girl.

that will teach you too, dont go into forbidden territory.. you never know what will get you in the butt..

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