Sunday, March 18, 2007

The lump has gone???

Hey chicks :)
Well, first off...took Jack for his ultrasound and guess what? No lump to be found!!
What the?
The bloody thing was there the day before..even the doc felt it!
I'm hoping it was just a cyst and with all the poking and prodding it may have gone away? Wishful thinking maybe? Whatever it was apparently couldn't be found by the radiologist who was nothing but a rude bitch anyway.
I took him to see our own doctor who wanted x-rays done to see if anything would show up there..also because Jacks' spine looks a bit 'skew whiff' I suppose you could call it. Just to rule out scoliosis or anything like that.
Will find that out tomorrow hopefully.
I now have Jye 'top and tailing' from both ends after being at a birthday party today. He came home looking like shit the poor bugger so maybe it was just too much for him. It was a huge day out, he was taken to Jamberoo Recreation Park.
Rhiannon has gone out with her 'male friend' who, apparently, hasn't been upgraded to her 'boyfriend' as yet.
He took her to his brothers place last night for dinner. His' brother is also a chef and his name is also Josh! What a coincidence!!
We had both my parents here for dinner last night. (They've been dicorced since I was 3 yrs old!!).
Michael wanted surf 'n turf for dinner and we'd already bought it all so it was good to cook all that food and share it.
We had chilli & garlic prawns, YUMMO!!, 2 dozen oysters kilpatrick, snags for the kids and steak.
I also made 2 salads, one garden and one Greek.
Very noice!!
Just made a huge pot of pea and ham soup for tea and had some of that. Mmmmmm...
Well...hope you all have a good week.
I'm off to shower my spewy boy.
Sharryn :)

1 comment:

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Yummy prawns, my favourite! I wish I could have had dinner at your house

I hope Jye feels much better soon. My husband has been wanting to go to Jamberoo Recreation Park like forever but we haven't made it there as yet. One day hopefully cause the adds on TV sure make it look like fun.

Have a great week and take care of yourself xxoo

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