Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Got my hair done!

Yo dudes,
How are you this morning?
All well I hope.
I'm so bloody tired...Josh is on afternoon shift at work which means I have to pick him up from the station in the night. So I've been sitting up waiting for him to message me when he's here.
My eyes are hanging out of my head this morning so I might have to have a Nana nap this afternoon..LOL
The AGM for the high school was last night and that always makes me tired with the stupid questions some people ask..the bloody thing just drags on forever.
I got voted in as Secretary again which is good because by attending the meetings I do actually learn a lot about the school and whats going on.
Jedd has gone on his Yr 7 Retreat this morning to Kurrajong and will be home on Friday afternoon. Love that kid to death but OMFG he's a challenge!
Just the constant noises he makes, like the mouth music or the farting noises which is all part of his Aspergers but shit...he walks around half the time sounding like Eminem after eating a truck load of baked beans!!
So it will be rather quiet here for the next 2 mornings...oh..except for Jack but I might have some duct tape here for his mouth somewhere..LOL
Rhiannon is still enjoying her new job and went out with her 'male friend' on Saturday night to his brothers place for tea. Turns out his brothers name is Josh and he's a chef too! How coincidental!!
Got the x-ray results back for Jack and it looks fine so the diagnosis now is it was a muscle spasm that was quite severe, pulling his muscles to one side which made his spine look crooked during the examination. The lump that I and the first doctor felt was obviously a lump of muscle or something along those lines. So, thank God, nothing sinister.
We'll still be keeping an eye on him though to make sure it all settles down as it's still hurting him a bit.
Yesterday I went and got my hair chopped off! I've been wanting to do it for ages but just couldn't be bothered. It really got the better of me though as the colour was growing out and I started to resemble a skunk. I hate that look with a passion but I was just too lazy to do anything about it so I got off my fat ass yesterday and got 'the works'. Cut, colour put through it then foils over the top. It looks OK I guess, much darker than I'd normally have it but it's nice.
As they say a change is as good as a holiday. At least I don't have the skunk look happening anymore. Should've just blackened out my teeth and wore flannie shirts and I would've fit in around here quite nicely..ROFL
Michael is meant to be taking the boys dune buggy riding this weekend. How peaceful will that be??
The Scrapncrazy cyber crop is on so it will be nice to sit and chat and get to know some of the girls more and chat to some 'older' friends. Hope you're coming along this weekend? Will be a heap of fun.
I've been scrapping a fair bit but it's all DT stuff so can't show you yet but I did a LO for a challenge that one of the girls at SNC put up where we could only use patterned cardstock.
I did this pic of Jedd..which to me is just gorgeous as it shows his beautiful smile. Aspergers' sufferers don't smile that much and it's quite difficult to get a 'natural' smile of Jedd. In most photos, especially with others in it, he is looking away from the camera and if I ask him to smile for me..OMFG..I get this teeth gritting look of discomfort...LOL I took a heap of pics of him on this day which was his 12th birthday hoping to get a natural smile and I got one which I'm very happy with.

Isn't he just gorgeous?? Seeing as though he started Yr 7 this year he thinks he is something else so I thought I'd use this patterned paper for really does his personality justice.
Well thats about it for me...take it easy and don't forget to come along this weekend to Scrapncrazy to check out the cyber crop or even just pop in and say hi.
Have a good one
Sharryn :)
P.S Forgot to mention...GO YOU BLOODY RABBITOHS!! WOOHOO! How good are they???


Julie said...

rofl @ the skunk the description!
Great shot of Jedd!
Love the design of the lo too.

Bec said...

Hey beautiful!! Love the layout of Jedd.. what a gorgeous kid!!
I'm currently "skunking" it.. Got my hair cut 4 weeks ago, my eyebrows waxed a week ago and next pay is the hair colour..and by that time I'll be due for another bloomin cut!

I was pmsl at Jedd sounding like Eminem aftre a can of BB..what a freakin classic!

Takle it easy chicky and will definately be in the cybercrop!!
Love n Hugz

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