Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a day!!

OMFG! What a day!
Where do I even start???
This past week Jack has been complaining of a sore back. 'Cos he is so active and never, ever stops, not even for one friggen minute, I seriously didn't take much notice. I just thought he'd knocked it or hurt it fart assing around with the other boys or you do.
However, he kept complaining and I started to notice he was coming inside and sitting down rather than playing with the kids outside so last night I had a good look.
I could see what looked like a lump on his spine that obviously hurt when I touched him. I got some cream and run my fingers along his spine and all over 'cos the cream makes it much easier to feel lumps and bumps etc. I found it really wasn't my imagination, that there really was a lump there. So of course I took him straght to the docs today expecting x-rays to be ordered and to be told that he'd pinched a nerve or something.
Turns out the doctor, who isn't my regular but an older doctor anyway, believes it to be a limpoma (sp?), which is basically a benign tumour growing just under the skin. Much the same as a cyst I suppose.
So it was an ultrasound that was ordered rather than x-rays and I was told I couldn't get in till Tuesday!! What the??
How the friggen hell can you tell a lump is benign just be touch??
I came home, in shock I suppose, kicking myself for not creating a scene and demanding the ultrasound earlier. So me being me, I got back on the phone and told them that Tuesday was obviously not good enough I wanted an ultrasound done NOW!
After explaining the situation the girl was quite good and has fit him in for tomorrow. How the fuck do you go all weekend knowing your child has a 'tumour' on his back, 'apparently' benign from touch?? Not this little black duck.
So tomorrow it is at 12.00noon precisely!!
After I came home I organised the new ultrasound time I was sitting here chatting to Dee on MSN...and the phone rings.
No hello, godbye..kiss me ass or was the president of the boys cricket club. Sharryn...Bob would you feel about becoming secretary for the club?
Ummmmmm...fuck. Do I have to answer that right now? At this very moment??
Right when I was about to state my case, the Telstra dude knocks at the door. God knows I've been waiting for that bastard for over a week!! They were supposed to turn up Tuesday and didn't!!
Jack happened to have his South Sydney Rabbitohs jersey on and fair dinkum...this Telstra dude nearly did a friggen back flip!!
Go the Bunnies...yeah mate...all the way son!!
Reminded me of the glory days when I used to catch the game bus from Redfern Oval over to Aussie stadium!!
I am not exaggerating when I say this...but he didn't even look at my modem after I told him everything was working OK now..that it was obviously ficed from the exchange and that the problems were almost certainly caused by therecent you think he gave a shit about my modem??
He pulled out his phone and was showing Jack the Souths stuff on it and Jack pipes up with 'Oh my mums phones better than that...she even has the Souths ring tone.'
This guy fair dinkum wanted to hear it, then asked me could I send it to him!!
Not knowing how, as Rhiannon had done this for me ages ago, he friggen left me his phone number and asked me to ring him if I could send it for him!!
He also asked me if he got tickets would I go to a game with him!! What the??
No dramas or anything...he told me he has a wife and kids...but she doesn't like the footy!
He then sat in my driveway for what seemed like an his Telstra van.
Far out!
Well thats my rant over for the day.
Be back tomorrow to let you know how my boy gets on with his ultrasound.
Sharryn :)


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Wishing you all the very best with the ultrasound. I hope it is nothing serious and something that can be treated sooner rather than later. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxoo

Sam said...

hope all goes well with the ultrasound Sharryn.

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