Monday, February 05, 2007

New blog

Hey all :)
OK..I've created a new blog as an offshoot off this one so I can whinge and whine till my hearts content and you girls don't have to read about it if you don't want to. LOL I'm sure you've all had enough of my sorry ass so I'll be keeping this blog 'D' free and for nice purposes only!
It's called Journey Through the Darkness and I'll use it to document this evil, black journey I'm going on personally. I'll be adding links to places of interest relevant to the topic so please....if you want to come take a look then feel free.
I know there are a lot of women out there that suffer in silence, as I used to. But...NO MORE!! Not for me anyway.
Enough said..if you want to come over for a so. If you don't want to leave comments but want to email address is at the top on the Nav bar. Drop me a private email.
Must go pick the kiddies up now..this was just a quick post to let you know about the new blog and the reason that I won't be bringing up the D word on this one anymore. :)
Sharryn :)

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