Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quiet one

Hey :)
Hope you all had a good weekend. :)
Ours was quiet...just the usual cricket but to be honest thats about all I could muster anyway.
Just getting the washing done this weekend was a chore in itself and I still don't have the cricket whites soaking! Oh well...stiff shit. If the house cleaning coppers are game enough to come to my door at the moment I'll either punch their lights out or shake their hand for being so courageous to come near me!!
Still in the state of 'don't look at me sideways'. Fuck I hate it. I hate knowing that at any given moment I could explode like a fire cracker and what scares me more than anything is the unknown of what I'm capable of.
Not my immediate family....somehow I'm always aware. I can walk away and go out in the garage to get away from them..(except Jedd!)
My next door neighours father died on Friday night God love him...nice bloke from what I knew of him.
What I don't appreciate is her interrupting my conversation she could see me having out the front the other day to tell me her father was on his last! Could that have not waited until I was out the front, which I am quite a lot with the boys, on my own? Not in the middle of a conversation with my SIL??
This poor old fellow had cancer and has had for some time now. Nothing new and nothing recent.
Her husband came knocking on the door last night to tell us he'd passed and all about the funeral arrangements etc. you usually do a door knock to your neighbours when someone in your family that you know your neighbours hardly knew dies?
Is that nasty to say?
I don't really understand what they want me to do. I'm not really a firm believer of attending funerals of people I hardly knew.
I made her a nice sympathy card this afternoon and sent Jack over with it with the message that I'd be over during the week. I really wasn't emotionally stable enough to hand it over myself. How embarrassing if I stood there howling like an idiot at a time like that!!
I really couldn't be fucked doing anything at the moment. Michaels' been good helping out with dinner and stuff. I'm not incapable..I just have my moments.
I have no inclination whatsoever to scrap so can't even really use that as therapy at the moment though in saying that, I was going to get my Elsie challenge layout done for the Boxx by hook or by crook!!
This week was to use a number as the main theme in the title or journalling or whatever. I have a pic of my 6 kids taken in November the day Rhiannon finished her HSC. We had a nice dinner and a cake for her and we'd bought her a ring and presented it to her. It's not the best pic of the 6 of them but it's a pic all the same.
I made this to frame as I got a scrapbook frame for Xmas. It's completely different to what I'd normally scrap but I just let the mood take me where it wanted and I ended up with this. Looks OK in the frame actually. It gave me some grief machine stitching over the ribbon around the heart and it wasn't finished without a lot of expletives yelled but hey... I got there in the end.

Chat soon

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Mardi said...

Hi Chickie...souonds as though you are coping a day at a time at the moment..lets hope they get easier and easier quickly.
Im so pleased to hear Jedd is settling into high school....I know that would have been a huge worry...
...and I love your Elsie challenege layout... it looks ABSOLUTLEY gorgeous..I can imagine it looking very striking in a frame!!
...oooohh..I want one of those frames so badly.....I have the spot on my wall and

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