Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lizards and cops

Hey all :)
Wots doin'?
Things are moving along here...minute by minute it seems.
Our blue tongue lizard had babies yesterday but only 2 lived. They are so cute. :)
Kids are settling in at school nicely. At the moment I'm trying to avoid going to the school 'cos every time someone comes near me I start bawling..LOL
Today I got booked for speeding. FUCK..I was ropable. Poor stupid copper copped a mouthful and a half and I seriously thought at one stage he was going to capsicum spray me. I'm just that wound up at the moment I don't give a shit who I attack verbally.
I think you're supposed to stay in your car when you're pulled over but I got out waving my arms around and carrying on...'What did I friggen do" I'm yelling at him.
OMFG..someone is going to seriously smash me soon.
Maybe I'll snap out then.
See..I was pissed off 'cos I pride myself on my driving especially in school zones and I wasn't impressed at all. Yes I was wrong..yes I was over the limit. And yes...in this state I more than likely shouldn't be driving.
But I wasn't about to divulge that info to the little prick when he had his ticket book out so I thought 'Fuck you Charlie...if I'm going down..I'm going down fighting!!'
Thats 2 fines in 2 weeks!! Last week I got fined in the city when I took Josh into the Tafe. I thought I was doing the right thing, put my money in the meter and carefully put the receipt in my handbag, even checking it again on the way to Joshs' interview. After the hour was almost up I came out to validate my parking and there was this huge envelope on my windscreen that from a distance I thought was Uni or Tafe paraphernalia.
Wasn't I wrong! I'd been booked 'cos my ticket wasn't displayed!! Where the fuck does it say display on the windscreen? I thought you took it with you so you know what time you have to put more money in the meter!
So I ranted and raved to myself in the middle of Sydney about asshole maggot parking ticket cops or whatever they're friggen called all the while writing on the State Debt Recovery envelope the bastard left me in big black pen, placed it back under my windscreen wiper right next to my new ticket: Can you see it now you fucken blind prick???
The workmen got a laugh out of it but I can tell you the bastard would've been the only bloke in history with a clipboard rammed up their ass if I had've caught him!!
God I sound like a feral don't I?? Thats just how off my tree I am at the moment.
Freaky stuff.
Michael is going away with work tomorrow night for the night so this will be fun!
Lets see how I'll cope with him not here.
God love Rhiannon though...she really is my strength at the moment and I don't even think she realises it.
I don't have any pics or layouts to share as I haven't done anything.
I made a few cards with scraps the othr night just to give my hands something to do and not have to concentrate too much. They're quite nice actually.
Oh...my grandfather turned 89 yrs old yesterday! Happy birthday Ocker! He is a living legend, he really is.
Until next time
P.S Shelley I found your blog again. You seriously need to update it girl.
To everyone else...I am reading your blogs but I haven't left comments for a while. I haven't abandoned anyone. :)


Anonymous said...

WTG re: the parking inspector PMSLOL :) Oh I laughed and laughed over that one Sharryn...you seriously crack me up matey :) :)Wish I had the guts to do things like that...I'd probably just winge and mumble :P
Take care
Tammy X

Bec said...

I am so glad I am neither a cop nor a parking ticket inspector.. cause if I was either I'd be shitting myself by now! lmfao!!

Please try and take it easy.. at this stage I don't give a shit how you relax, just find a way! I am worried you'll end up having a heart attack! You're in my thoughts and prayers hun!

Happy Birthday to Ocker for yesterday! I hope he has many more happy birthdays to come!

Love n Hugz

Erica said...

OMG you crack me up woman!! It sucks that you are having such a rough time ATM but it makes for pretty good reading for us!! lol

No offence or anything, I swear i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing with you!

Hope things start looking up for you soon and that there are no more speeding tickets in your near future!
E xx

deirdre said...

Ooooohhh nasty, glad I aint a cop or parking inspector either!
Wouldv'e liked to have seen the clipboard up his bum though! And I wouldv'e loved to hear what the workmen were saying....watch out for this one fellas, she's a wildcat!

Happy birthday to Ocker! WOW 89 years young!

And yes, do what Bec said, take it as easy as you can.

Shelley said...

Huggs Sharryn

Julie said...

ROFLMAO! ohhhh god U never fail to bring a smile to me face. BUggar about the ticket's though!
Happy Birthday to Ocker!....WOW 89!
Hope u have a stress free week!

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