Friday, January 05, 2007

Shaz the shopper...NOT

Hi everyone,
Whats doin'? Hope you are well. :)
My lovely hubby suggested a day out shopping on Wednesday up at the Square. I'd said no as I've been so fatigued lately and felt like I'd been hit by a truck but Michael loves to go to the shops and I felt slack not going with him but has stuffed me up big time!
I didn't think I'd make it to the other end of the friggen place at one stage and when we finished I ended up getting him to drop me off at the doctors rooms close to their so I could beg them for cortisone!! My own doctors rooms were only 10 mins more drive down the road but there was no way this torso was going to make it!
I knew my family doc would be still on xmas holidays anyway and I don't know any of the other docs. The practise I went to, I used to go there years ago and I still take the kids there if they're sick and I can't see our doc.
Anyway...I ended up seeing one of the docs who I know quite well and he was disgusted with me after seeing the condition I was in. I thought he was going to spank my ass!!
He couldn't believe that my doc hadn't referred me to a physio or chiro and thats about the 3rd person thats mentioned that. With my fibromyalgia and chronic seems I've been made to wear a bit more than I probably should have with my doc doing all his own treatments as in acupunture and back cracking etc.
So this doc put me on this new care program the Government has brought in...some EPC thing for those of you 'in the know'.
He rang and booked me in for physio himself for today as my back, hips, buttocks (love that much better than clacker...LOL), and neck are so stiff and sore and my movement is quite limited at the moment.
I know I'm having a bit of a flare up and I'm poretty sure stress has brought it on but after speaking to this doc I really think I should pull my finger out and get some other treatments this year.
I went to physio today and even the physio chick was amazed at the limited movement I have at the moment. Shes' booked me in for 2 sessions of hydrotherapy for next week. Don't know much about that and if it will do anything but it sounds alright.
I'm up for anything right now I'm that friggen sore.
The doc gave me more pain killers and anti inflamatories (sp?) so I've been living on them for the past couple of days.
We all were bored shitless yesterday as it's been raining here all over xmas etc so we packed up the kids and the pain killers yesterday to drive to the beach for a while. Ended up staying down there for hours and having dinner at the local KFC seeing as there were only 3 of the boys and Michael and I. We actually seen a pod of dolphins which was awesome as I've never seen them like that before. By the time I'd tried and got pics of them though they'd swam out never to be seen again!!
So all I managed were a few pics of ripples in the water and if you look really close a bit of a fin..LOL
Jayden has gone to Coolibah which is an 8 hour drive from here with my brother in law and nephew. He was really excited about going and seeing as he has all his new camping stuff he was even more stoked!
I managed to get my first layout completed this morning for 2007! I'm doing the Elsie Flanagan challenge with a few girls on the Boxx and the 1st challenge was to make your own flowers from plastic.
I've also covered a cheapo diary into a nice organiser for myself for the coming year and all the meetings I'll attend.
Unfortunately Blogger won't allow me to upload YET AGAIN...friggen Blogger!
I swear I'm gonna smack him over the head with Darrell!! ROFL
My mother has just left...she came around again this afternoon. I made hamburgers for tea and she had one then went home. I heard the usual shit she goes on with...never a good word about anyone type thing. At one stage she was sitting there putting shit on someone saying something about them 'smoking cones' not that she'd even know what a cone was. Only thing was..sitting there listening to her was my 11yr old and my 9yr old!! What the??
Thats what I mean by my kids having to listen to her shit and the crap she goes on with. I'm sure she does it just to shit me.
I yelled out to her from the kitchen and said ''re talking to little boys you know'. She stopped yapping for a minute then continued on like I'd said nothing.
I remember getting the shits big time once when she was doing this and she went off her nut and yelled at me saying 'You give me the shits the way you carry on with these can't say anything in front of them'.
Yep...I was dumbfucked as well. Grandmother of the century this one.
Actually...2 of my kids have just yelled out to me in the last 5 minutes...has Nan gone home?
She walks in and if they aren't in the same room as her...stiff shit to them. She doesn't go looking for them to say hello and if they aren't at the door to wave her off then they wouldn't even know she was gone. Unbelievable.
Anyway...I've told myself no more negative thoughts with people that I really shouldn't be wasting energy on and I mean that in the nicest possible way.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

hey chick

i didnt read all what you wrote because im so so tired. but just wanted to say:

next weekend, 13th, moira is coming up from ACT and beth is also coming, on the saturday morning to my class at tsp... you mightn't wanna do the class but if youd like to catch up with us after you're welcome too! i think we might go to sizzler for lunch. if you're interested let me know - MSN me. I'm scared of teaching them don't make me teach you too! hahaha nah, if u wanna come to the class do up n book in... if not and youd like to come to lunch let me know too.
will read your blog entry tomorrow
i did read that you're not well
i hope you get better ASAP

Kylie said...

woops. that was me

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with your therapay and stuff Shaz.

Chat soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it has all hit the fan Shaz, take care and give the program a chance...wont work unless you give it a chance. LOL! I sound like a shrink!

Anonymous said...

Clacker, I love that word!!!! Keep using that instead of buttocks! ROFL!

Hey you, get better ok!?

Anonymous said...

yep I agree with beth, keep using clacker; buttocks reminds me of SHREK 2
Glad u found a dr that seems to do more for ya, hope it works! *fingers crossed for ya*
yeh but i think u have the right to decide what topics ur kids should be in on & while u can control in ur own home. Disrespectful!.....
nuff said
have a good weekend & get the treatment u deserve!

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