Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my gorgeous online blog buddies! I hope this year brings everything you wish for and more!! :)
How did you see the New Year in?
We went to Michaels mothers where we usually go and most people were in bed before midnight. I stayed up with my brother in law and niece and her boyfriend and a couple of our kids stayed up playing pool also.
Nothing too exciting but enough to keep the kids happy.
Josh stayed here though by hmself which I was a bit sad about 'cos we would've driven home to be with him. I thought he was going to a mates and apparently he did for a while but he had to work New Years day and came home early. Looks as though he had a little party of his own with an empty pizza box and 3 empty bourbon cans. :)
Rhiannon went to a friends party and had a good time there although she said there were only a few of her school friends there. Her first NYE party without her mummy and daddy...LOL Big girl!!
My mother came around yesterday with bags of stuff for the kids...chocolates and stuff. She doesn't 'do' xmas presents anymore but instead buys things for the kids for over the school hols. which is a great idea really as after xmas we never seem to have much money.
As the kids were here nothing much was said but she did say that lucky she didn't come here xmas day 'cos there was a huge drama with my youngest brother and his dog of a girlfriend...exactly why I didn't want them here. I can't believe this lot and how they fight and argue all the time...especially on xmas day. This pair even had a full on domestic in the delivery room when she had her 1st child!! What the??
I don't want to bring anything up when the kids are around in case it gets heated.
I'm not feeling as stressed as I was but physically I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I can barely move and I'm still sleeping like theres no tomorrow. I've a muscle disease that I have flare-ups with from time to time and stress is a major instigator of flare-ups so maybe it's that.
I've had chronic fatigue due to this muscle problem and it feels more like that than anything. I hate it with a passion...very debilitating.
Although I feel like shit I'm not going to let it get the better of me. I, of all people, know it's my bodies way of telling me to have a rest but I'm not going to veg out. I was really looking forward to these school hols. although the weather has been ridiculous. It's raining here again today!! I haven't even been in the pool this summer! The kids have but it's been too cold for me.
One of the Boxx girls has started the Elsie Flannigan challenge which I've entered..something different for 52 weeks or something like that.
I also started a major swap...something to keep the brain ticking and keep my mind off dramas. Brain food.
Thats it for me this morning...its 10.49am.m and I'm still in my PJ's so I better do something about that.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Well..it sounds as though your New YEAR was lovely...quiet...with no dramas..... and it sounds like you had a nice visit from your Mum too....I htink the idea of goodies after christmas is fabulous. I hope you get to do some scrapping soon.....Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Good to see u had a drama free new years.
U take care of ur self!...I mean it or I'll waddle on up ur way!
R u scared????...PMSL
But seriously! Be kind to ur self!

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to see how you're doing. Glad to read your new years went well and that your mother hasn't caused any further drama. Now all we need is for you to be back on your feet properly and everything will be great!

Love n Many Happy hugz

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