Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blogger is being nice today :)

Hi there chickadees :)
Hope you're all well.
Not much going on here at the moment...the weather has been really shitty although yesterday was hot, hot, hot!
Now it's as overcast as anything. Can't win with it.
I printed out a couple of photos yesterday to scrap but I'm procrastinating big time over the first one...I can't seem to get 'into it'. It's almost finished now but it's taken me forever to finish.
This is the LO I completed for the 1st Elsie Flannigan challenge to make your own flowers from plastic. They almost look like felt on this LO.

Michael bought him and I a 2007 diary each...just cheap ones and I covered mine the other night. I'm really happy with it actually.

I have a LO in this months Scrapbook Creations but I'm really pissed off at the colour in the mag. It's as dull as anything and paper in real life is as bright as anything. I made the letters WAVE myself from chipboard and Dimensional Magic and I remember being really happy with them. They look like shit in the mag. Oh well. I remember someone saying that SC have a problem with their colour or something but supposedly they're onto it. Now I know what other scrappers mean when they say the colours didn't look right.
Heres what the LO is supposed to look like:

Thats it for me today I just wanted to upload my stuff seeing as Blogger was being nice this morning.
Have a relaxing Sunday.
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

Love your Elsie flowers Shaz, they DO look like felt, and they are really bright too, very cool!
And congrats on the LO chook,Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the pages Shaz. The plastic flowers look great. I've yet to get the new SC but I will make sure I check your page out when I do.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pub Shaz! Love your layout and your diary looks fab!!! Take it easy dude!

Anonymous said...

those flowers do look like felt don't they.
Love the design of the wave lo & ur diary cover look cute as.

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

HI there

Sorry it's taken me this long to get up to date with all your news.

I'm sorry to read that you haven't been well. I wish I could click my fingers and put a magic spell on you to take away all your pain.
I hope the physio and anti inflamatopries have been helping.

You make sure you look after yourself Sharryn. I can imagaine some of the aches would have been brought on by stress and I am very sorry to read about your mother and other family members stressing you out lately.

Onto something more positive I love the little diary you covered. It looks fabulous as does your recent layout for the
1st Elsie Flannigan challenge. Those plastic flowers are adorable and such a nice photo of you as well.

Not much else to say. I just wanted to drop by and catch up on your news and say hi xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn,
Love your EF page, the phot of you looks fabbo!
Love your diary the next question is will you really use it LOL!! I've had many a good intention when it comes to diaries :P
Love your WAVE LO. Looks fabulous and you did a great job with the title.

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