Thursday, January 11, 2007

OMFG........I rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Shaz!!
You freakin' LEGEND!! You Master you.....ROFL
Why am I screaming from the rooftops you ask?????
'Cos I've just had acceptances in 2 days!! I know, I what.'s little things like this that make it all worth while. Well I think so anyway.
When you're feeling down like I have been for the past few weeks it's these little things that give you that extra bit of a high and carry you through for a bit longer.
So thank you SM and FK. Actually, it's my first acceptance for FK so that makes it even more sweeter. :) I was busting to crack that mag...I always look at FK as the 'classier' of the 3 I sub to...and now I'm in like Flynn. :) Cooooool. LOL
In other news, Jayden is home from his week away with my brother in law and nephew and he has had an fantastic time. They went to a property in Coolibah, NSW between Bourke and Nyngan. Hot as hell but Nug loved every moment of it and he got some fantastic photos as well. :) I'll make him a mini book of his time away I think.
So last night was the first time in a week that I had my whole family under the same roof again. Gotta love that. :)
Michael went back to work today the poor bugger...had to be the hottest day of the whole friggen holidays...and this year I think!
Josh goes back tomorrow God love him. I've loved having him home this week...even if he has been out most of the time. I just love to see him get time off after working so hard. I think I just appreciate him more as a 19yr old boy because of the hard work he does. There are so many kids out there today especially where we live that just don't give a toss about working and I think it's so wrong. We have instilled a great work ethic in our kids, well Michael has..I haven't worked since I was pregnant with bub number 3...but even thats working longer than a lot of women.
Rhiannon has a job interview on Monday in a chemist so fingers crossed for her. I've been on the phone all morning today trying to find out about her options for nursing and gee I've been fucked around! They reckon they need nurses...well they should give the right bloody info! Just before Xmas we were told she'd have to get her Senior First Aid certificate so I frantically rang around to get her into a course before the cut off date for the April intake. I managed to get her in for yesterday only to ring around again today and be told she has to now sit for a Litracy test. Hello??? Shes just done her HSC for fucks sake and she passed every subject! All the Literacy tests are booked out till February which means she can sit for one then but will have to wait for the July intake and start the course in September!!
It doesn't worry me...I'm going to enjoy having her home for those months but I think she's bored. Oh well...I've done all I can.
I've managed to get a few more layouts done in between slothing and sleeping...LOL
Firstly...I've been working on a mini album type book for Michael for his 40th since last March..LOL Pretty quick aren't I??
He is in to model trains big time and last January we went to the Thirlmere Railway Museum for the day where he fair dinkum almost had a stroke...ROFL
So I got all the pics and printed them out and I bought a childrens book in the shape of a train, covered all the pages with paper and stuck pics throughout. I added ribbons and embellishments and as the book was a childrens story I hand wrote the story on each page as it was originally. The book was called 'Chuffie the Steam Engine'...but after giving it to Michael I think it shoudl have been re-named chubby....ROFL
So here it is:

He loved it anyway and thats all that matters. I keep it together with a 7 Gypsies book bra which he thought was great..LOL
As I've been having a bit of a flare up with this fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue lately and it was giving me the shits the other day big time...I decided to do a layout about it. It's been on my mind for a while to do it but it's a bit of a dark subject so I haven't bothered. However, they say in scrapping you shoudl scrap 'the everyday' and believe me...this is my everyday. So I scrapped a page and I made sure the whole friggen page was black and bleak.
Here it is:

I've been told many a time that it helps to write things down and get them out of your system so hopefully this helps. I'm not going to ever read the journalling on that LO. I wrote from the heart and now it's down for good...never to be read by me again in the near future.

I also got my 2nd entry finished for the Elsie Flannigasn challenge which was to journal with one word and use it as the title as well. This actually through me for a night or 2 and kept me awake for a bit longer...LOL In the end I just sifted through all my folders of pics and found these ones of Jye that I wanted to scrap. I LOVE this main pic of him. Obviously my word was CRICKET as was the title and the journalling around the main pic says cricket balls, cricket bats etc etc.

Last but not least is a pic I took of Jedd at my MIL's house in November of Jedd. He had been wearing goggles in her pool but got out to eat and pushed them on top of his head. Along comes his scrapping mother and gets a pic...voila!! LOL
I love this unsuspecting pic of him I took and the resulting layout.

I have the chance of going to Newcastle with Michael and Jye but I'm not sure if I really want to go. Actually I'm not sure if I could leave my babies that long...LOL When I say that...we would have Jye with us and father has offered to look after whos left..LOL He actually offered to look after all of them but Jedd and Jack together is almost too much for me never mind some other poor unsuspecting bugger!!
So we'll take Jack, have Jye, Jayden, Rhiannon and Josh will be fine together...but Jedd will need 24/7 supervision...LOL So he goes to Pop as does Jayden as he is only 13 yrs old and no matter how good he is...13 yr old boys don't get left at home for 4 days...not in my world anyway.
I haven't decided yet but I will tomorrow.
Before I go I want to say the biggest CONGRATS to Bec for finally finding a house!! Thank goodness for that!! You must be so relieved girl!!
Also congrats to Dee for her 1st FK publication after sitting there telling me how shitty her work is moan moan moan...ROFL...then to check her inbox only to find an funny!
Also to Jodes. How bloody sneaker is that Glover woman?? Opening an account in Jodies name and subbing her LO's without her knowing...then getting one ACCEPTED!! OMFG!! I, for one, can't understand why you weren't already subbing your work Jodie...your LO's are fabo. Another funny thing about this story is I did a LO a couple of days ago and was raving on about how it was inspired by one of Jodies and it was the one that got accepted! LOL So what does that tell you Jodes? Hmmmmmmmm...maybe you should've been subbing like....10 years ago?????????????? LOL
Far out....the untapped talent out there is just amazing...
Anyway...thats it for me...I've just had dinner and now I'm too fat and full to type...ROFL
Take it easy
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

Wahoo Shaz you are rocking the mags at the mo. Loved the wave page in SC. I was reading it this morning.

The pages and book here look great.

Shelley said...

way to go Sharryn - I saw your work in SC yesterday... well deserved..

Shelley :)

Beth said...

Awesome Shaz!!!!!!!!
Love ALL your layouts youhave done.
You could always get Rhiannon to scrap to ease her boredom LOL!

Looks like we will be together in FK! ;)

Kylie said...


pssstttt.... me too! 2 yes's in 2 days from sm and fk. we definetely rock

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shaz on getting an acceptance into FK. You must be so stoked and very well deserved too ;)
I agree with Beth you could alwasy get Rhiannon to scrap to relieve her boredom :P
Take care

Jodes said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! Shaz i swear your gonna be the death of me, everytime i read your blog im curled over pissing myself laughing so hard, i love the way you explain everything.
A big WOO HOO CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! to you matey for your 2 acceptances thats awesome news and so so deserving and it just feels good hey, i so know what you mean about the little things, they mean heaps to you when things have been so crappy.

Hey thanks heaps for the compliments, i keep PMSL about how it all happened LOL!!!

Ok i need to go check out the boxx so i'll catch ya later

Take care

deirdre said...

You do ROCK!!!!!!!
Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!
I wanna be like Shaz!

Bec said...

Congrats Shaz!!!!!! I am so chuffed for ya hun.. I really am.. I just let out a scream before and ran around going "shaz got accepted in the mags" and scared the crap outta my kids.. oh wells!

I am sooo loving that mini album. how original is that!!!! And your Fibromyalgia layout is inspiring hun, I know how it affects you, but its a really brave thing to do a layout on it and I would love you to submit that to a mag.. no one has to read the journalling at all!!!!!!!

Yeps.. so bloomin relieved to have a house finally... 4 months later!! The house in on top of a hill and the view is amazing!!! House in't much but worth it for that view! lol

Now take care and will try n check in every few days.. should be back online properly by end of next week

Love n Hugz

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn.... popping into say hi...Im outta the loop ...been away for a week or so..and so much has

Loving loving loving your layouts at the mo.....Im so thrilled for you with your acceptances too... but not surprised at all....and FK as well....WooHoo.

I hope you are feeling a little better soon...becuase I can imagine a little of how you are feeling.... verging on it a bit myself at the moment...fighting hard to stay ok.

Mardi x

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