Sunday, January 14, 2007

Choofing off for a few days :)

Hey chickens :)
Hope you're all well and refreshed after the weekend. :)
I've been packing for the last 2 days ready to go away for a week ( home Thursday night late) to Newcastle to watch Jye play cricket.
I'm taking up my fathers offer of him staying here and watching the kiddies I leave behind...although Josh and Rhiannon are hardly kiddies. Jayden would be fine here with Rhiannon and Josh but Jedd is a different story. I'm just not ready to leave him unattended without an 'adult' yet. He doesn't look at Josh or Rhiannon as authority figures and it's not fair on them to leave him alone. Not while I'm 3 hours away anyway.
So Pop is staying God love him until we get home. I'm taking Jack with us...I wouldn't wish that kid on anyone..ROFL Nah just kidding...he's not that's just that him and Jedd together are a recipe for a mental institution complete with padded cell so it's only fair that I seperate them.
At first I was a bit apprehensive about going but I'm really looking forward to it now.
I'm the same going away anywhere...for some reason I don't believe I'm actually going until I'm on my way. I read and hear all the time about people going on great holidays and I'm always envious of them. It's like I think I'm not worthy of going or I can never afford to go...or the whole world will fall apart when I get home for going type thing. Stupid I know but thats how it is. I'm always apprehensive about something I know something bad is going to happen to equal the good. It's a self-worth issue..I know that...but I just can't help it. I've also been very anxious about going which I hate. Thats another of my problems..I suffer the WORST anxiety imaginable. To the point that I'm sat on the toilet for days before any big event worrying about whats going to happen.
There was a time where I wouldn't go in the same car as Michael without all the kids in case we had an accident and they were left without us. Does anyone else think like that or am I the only nutter? I know tomorrow when we're driving I'll be thinking this all the way and I'll be on his back to slow down even if he's doing 60km and shit this pisses him off! Oh well...thats me in a nut shell (excuse the pun).
I really need to do something about this anxiety of mine before it gets too ridiculous. It's something I've suffered for a very long time but it's rearing it's ugly head again big time.
Yesterday I was going to meet Kylie, Beth and Moi at my LSS where Kylie is teaching and then for lunch but I had visitors in the morning and couldn't make it..bummer. I SMS'd Kylie who..God bless her cotton socks..told me there was a 50% off sale at the LSS. At first I didn't worry too much 'cos all the money I had was coming away with us but I mentioned it yesterday and my daddy who loves me took me over for a squizz. I needed new albums and they have these great 3 ring binder albums so I thought I'd get one of those. When I got there they had the most gorgeous wedding albums so I grabbed one of those reduced from $64- half's stunning. Got some cardstock and papers but the best thing ever was I got the Elsie Flannigan book for half price!! OMFG..I was so excited!! I didn't even think at first to look for it but I'm so glad I did. There is NO WAY I'd pay full price for an idea book that cost $52- so it was such a great bargain. Plus the fact that over at the Boxx Danielle is running the Elsie challenges week by week so I'll be able to see whats coming up when time is strapped.
The best part is..when I got home I raced inside to Michael yelling like an idiot 'I got the Elsie book'...LOL Obviously he and my father have no friggen idea who Elsie is so they were secretly eyeing each other I'm sure ready to have me committed!! I gave the book to Michael along with a few other mags that are new and told him to keep them away from me until we leave for Newcastle. That way I'll have something to read thats new and will inspire me to no end. It's already packed and waiting for me to read on the way. Can't wait!!! :)
I'm really looking forward to this time away seeing as I was so stressed over Xmas and I'm going to treat this like my holiday time. I'm still feeling quite stressed and not rested and I really don't want to start the new school year like this. I feel like a spring thats so tightly coiled that I'm ready to spring at anyone and any small thing that pisses me off. I just can't help it.
The cricket parents are really nice people..very la di dah..certainly not like me..ROFL..but they keep me grounded if you know what I mean. They are familiar faces and I know no matter what that I'll be able to spend this next few days away and they won't give me any dramas or any trouble. It's pretty shitty when you have to rely on people you only know as accquaintances for that atmosphere isn't it?
God listen to my sorry ass will you?
I got another layout finished yesterday which I really love actually. It's a pic of me eating a mango icecream (yummmmmmmmmmm) last week at the beach. I've done about 3 layouts on me already this that I am!! :)
I particularly like the quote I had already for a pic like this and they were just perfect together so I hand wrote it around the stems of the flowers: I scream, You scream, we all scream for ICECREAM. I thought it was cute..LOL
Heres the layout:

Lucky you can't see the close up 'cos I had the bloody thing all over my chin..LOL
OK..well I'm off then...I'll catch you all at the end of the week.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

Enjoy your time away and your scrappy bargins Shaz. Love the page.

Shelley said...

gorgeous layout Sharryn (as usual!!) have an awesome break while you are away..


Beth said...

Have a great trip Shaz and I love your layout!

Julie said...

sounds like u had fun shopp'n...& some great bargins too.
Have a good week away

Kylie said...

hey! wish we'd seen you on saturday! will have to catch up soon

deirdre said...

Have a fab holiday Shaz, you deserve it mate!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Just wanted to stop by and say home impressed I am with your recent layouts shown here.

WOW just fantastic!!!

I love the photos, colours and styles. Your one clever lady Sharryn. Your scrapping work is very inspiring for me. I always love seeing what you have been creating.

Have a great week and take care xxoo

PS: I noticed your hello message to me here on your blog, your too kind and so sweet. Thanks :)

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