Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hi all,
Trust you are all well.
Sorry I haven't blogged lately but for once there hasn't been much to blog about.
Yesterday we went on a picnic to Warragamba Dam for Michaels fathers birthday was was really nice.
I used to go there every other weekend as a kid with my grandparents, mother and brothers and the place was always buzzing no matter what day you went. Yesterday it was like a ghost town which was a bit sad. The kiosk has a big gate around it to keep vandals out, the windows are all smashed. The model of the dam was open but not working. It brought back so many memories of going there as a child. All the buildings are still original and I'm sure the picnic tables and BBQ's are too.
Behind there used to be the African Lion Safari and you used to be able to sneak in through a hole in the fence from the picnic ground. Many a Sunday I spent jumping on the trampolines or watching the seal show and parrot circus over there.
Michael and his father snuch in and got pics for me and is completely ruined and overgrown. Unbelievable. The thing that I couldn't get over was the amount of animal bones that are all over the place. Behind one cage there are heaps of bones just stacked on top of each other. Bit like an animal graveyard really. I wonder who owns the place or the land?
I've managed to get a few layouts done. I wanted to do one on the 3 boys wrestling in the waves the other day at the beach but had so many pics I wanted to include. I'm t much of a double layout person so I squished them all one one page without it looking too busy (well I think anyway..LOL). I was inspired by Jodies Waterpark LO for this one.

(Sorry had to take that down...IT'S BEING PUBLISHED.........WOOHOO...YAY...LOL

I also did one on Jye. He turned 11 the day we went camping so when we got there and set up I took him for a bit of a photo shoot. I got some really nice pics of him, although he still had a grubby face...which is just Jye anyway. Don't think I've ever seen the kid clean...LOL... I love this LO.

The other one I finished was of Rhiannon. I got some pics of her at Michaels fathers house on Boxing Day and although they turned out quite dark I still wanted to scrap this one. I'm happy with this layout as well.

I have another LO that I finished last night but not sure whether I'll take pics of that one and upload it.

Michael is going back to work tomorrow for a couple of days then he and Jye are off to Newcastle on Monday for cricket for 4 days. Lucky him....NOT!! I was scarred for life by that place last time...LOL

I'd like to say hi to Susan (Smiles) and thanks for dropping by to say hello on my blog. You've been missed a lot lately and I hope everything is going well for you. :)
Tammy...yes I will use my diary...I even wrote birthdays in it yesterday to force myself to use it..LOL Not for actual diary entries but for meeting dates etc.

Thats it for now...the boys are nagging to go in the pool so I'll have to get organised before I let them.
Chat soon
Sharryn :)

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Julie said...

Congrats on the page being pubbed Shaz. The ones I could see look great.

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