Sunday, January 28, 2007

Almost school time

Hi all :)
How are you all?
I am up to my ears in book covering at the moment and I've seriously had enough of that shitty metallic fucking covering they sell that wrinkles and crinkles and turns itself inside out as soon as you let it go...that has me almost turned inside out screaming with rage at it EVERY SINGLE FRIGGEN YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr...
The bad thing don't know its metallic until you buy it 'cos the metallic bit is in the inside!!
I'm sure it's made by Bastards Incorporated just to piss me off!! Fair dinkum!
Jedd hasn't given me a moments peace for the past week or so either which is really getting to me also. I don't give him his medication weekends or school holidays as it's really on for school for concentration and stuff and I've been told it's not a 'mood inhibitor' but thats the biggest load of bullshit I've ever been fed in my life!!
OK..I know he's freaking out about going to high school and he's all emotional etc etc etc...but bloody hell! We went shopping yesterday to get the final few things for school and OMFG...I was ready to leave him there. He's really touchy feely and clingy and he really has a problem with others peoples personal space anyway but I could've piggy backed him and it wouldn't have been enough for him! He was walking so close to me that every time I took a step back I'd almost fall over him and he kept treading on the back of my thongs..I don't know how I didn't go ass over head a few times! If he wasn't doing that he was rubbing my back or patting me or getting the bit of saggy skin on my elbows and twisting it.....fuck me!! Then he calls me but he doesn't want anything!!
I started giving him his tablets this morning to get them back into his system before school starts and just to give myself some friggen peace!
Don't get me wrong I love the kid to death...but I also like my personal space and I really don't like my saggy elbow skin twisted..LOL
I have this God awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that he's not going to settle real well at high school and I pray I'm not right.
I also feel like shit 'cos I've come off my meds and I'm dizzy and nauseous. I'm sick of taking them and sick of feeling bloated and putting on weight so I've decided to go off them. If I feel I need them later on I'll go get a different sort. These ones suck!!
The boys went back to cricket on Saturday so it was the usual Saturday morning routine for us. Only a couple more games to go and the season is over...well outdoor anyway.
Jack has decided that he wants to play soccer this I hate the game with a passion but I don't want them playing league anymore. As I say and I don't mean to offend anyone when I do but theres no room in rugby league anymore for little white boys. Not until they bring weight division back in anyway. Some of those Islander kids are huge!!!
I didn't think I'd get a chance to get my Elsie challenge done this week which was to scraplift a colour scheme from a layout but I managed to get it done this morning. I scraplifted the colour scheme of one of Kerrin Qualls' layouts from the front cover of FK a couple of issues back which was purple, green and turquoise. I took this pic of Jack in December, printed it out and it's been sitting on my desk ever since 'cos I really didn't know what or how I wanted to scrap it. It actually shows a very different side to that you don't see very often as the kid never, ever shuts up...LOL
Not sure I like the finished layout either.
Here it is:

I love the pic but not sure of the colours.
I haven't even had a real chance of looking through my Elsie book so I'm looking forward to being able to sit down and have a proper gander.
Thats it for me this weekend.
Chat soon


Beth said...

Ohhh I just twisted my elbow skin and it feels gross! I hope Jedd settles in well at high school. I agree about the footy thing, I think soccer is a much safer game. Yeah you can still get hurt but its more likely to be a leg than a head. You know I like your layout. A bit shocked you havent read your Elsie book though! LOL! Take care Shaz and have a nice quiet day to yourself now the kids are going back to school. ;) x

deirdre said...

Hey chook,
I have my fingers and saggy elbow skin crossed for you that the high school transition goes smoothly. I am sure you will cope wonderfully!

And BOO to no weight division in league, hey thats game is scary anyway. I would be petrified to be faced with some of those BIG boys!

Have a good one, will be thinking of you and the start of school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz,
I hope Jedd went ok at school. Poor bugga. He sounds petrified :( Have you spoken to the school about his condition? I hope he is looked after by the system and not left to cope on his own. Kids can be so bloody cruel. The little shits!
I so totally love your EF LO, I think it's just gorgeous and the colours work really well. It's good to step outside the square every now and then ;-)
Take care Sharryn.
Tammy X

Bec said...

Call me if you need to talk hun!! I went through all of that crap with Luke. I too don't give Luke his meds during holidays unless I really need a moments peace, these holidays were the pits with house hunting and finally moving and on top of that Luke was all jittery about starting high school (and Mik starting a new school) and yes he doesn't shut up either! And I copped the whole walking .2cm behind me, stepping on my toe thongs, or walking fair dinkum up my arse if I stopped suddenly!
I refuse to buy contact!!! There are slip on polypropeline book covers out there (about 60 cents each for normal exercise books) which you just slip over the book! And you can re-use them!!! Sounds like alot of money but worth the sanity!

Just wanted you to know, although I am not in your shoes, I do have a good understanding of what you're going through, (with Jedd and even with depression) and I am here if you need me.

PS: Love the layout!!!!

Love n Hugs

Mardi said...

Hiya Chickie... thanks for the laugh on the book described it perfectly....although the last couple of years I have boycotted contact and headed straight for the plastic slip on covers...... much better on the blood pressure.

I hope Jedd went ok...he must have been so nervous the poor kid.... and I hope you start feeling back on top of things soon....remember Im always here if you want a chat.
Mardi x
...oh...I have a 16yo who hangs off me all the time too....drives me I can relate to your shopping trip only too well.... ah and yes..I have got floppy elbow skin too...thankfully mine hasnt thought to twist it

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