Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not much of anything really

Hey all :)
Hope everyone is fine and dandy. :)
Not that much to report here...was supposed to take Jye and Jayden to the NSW vs Tasmania cricket match today at Homebush but it rained here almost all night and all of this morning and I didn't think they'd play. The buggers did though even though they started an hour late. I felt a bit slack but I really didn't want to drive in and wait for an umpire to call the game off for nothing. Oh well..theres alwasy next time and Jye had private training this afternoon anyway which he loves so he was happy just to go there.
Yesterday we pounded the pavement armed with a million letters from our cricket club asking for donations for our Trivia night which I'm organising. I think I did OK picking up some gift vouchers and bits and pieces along the way. There are a few shops that have said they'll put some stuff together for me and ring me when they have. The girls at the local Body Shop made me a heap of sample bags...about 50 in total I think which was so nice of them. I think I'll use them for the tables as giveaways. I've been given movie vouchers, a glass vase from a gift store, a cricket set from the Bottlo, vouchers from a photography studio, a voucher from a New Age store. Not bad for a days work..LOL
A very close friend of mine rang this morning who I haven't spoken to for a while. Usually we chat at least once a month but as I was feeling a bit 'out of sorts' over Xmas I never rang her and never thought twice about her not ringing me. Turns out shes just had the same sort of emotional experience I suppose you could call it, as me and shes been through a rough trot herself, for different reasons. So it was good to catch up and give each other a shoulder to lean on.
My eldest brother rang me last night also. I haven't spoken to him since before Xmas and not since all the shit went down after. He rang to say sorry that he didn't come here Xmas day and that he feels bad that he doesn't come around anymore. He used to come to our place every single weekend when my kids were little but then when he fell in with the wrong crowd I stopped hm coming. Out of the 3 of my brothers he was the only one who realised the wrong crowd was going to get him nowhere and they didn't last long in his life. He has his own little flat and a good job and as far as I'm concerned he is the only one of the 3 that should be a father. He would make an awesome dad. However, he feels the need to play daddy to my youngest brothers 3 kids 'cos my youngest brother has taken off yet again. Mind you, his bitch of a girlfriend keeps kicking him out so I don't blame him in a way for taking off. He, however, has always been a bit of a wild child and nothing will ever curb his ways. I find it so sad that my eldest brother has made such a commitment to their 3 kids. I'm full of admiration for him but I'd ust love to see him find himself a nice girl, settle down and maybe have a couple of kids himself. I feel so sorry for him. :(
I received a layout back from SC this morning along with a contributors copy of the mag. I also sent another one off to SM.
I'm working on something at the moment that I'm hoping will help me build myself again, a journal type thing that I'll share with you once it's all finished. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while so I'm glad it's now kick started.
I have no layouts to share this time but I'm hoping to start one tonight.
Off to check dinner...roast chicken tonight. Yummo!!
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn.....Im finally making my way around my fav. blogs..since being away. I certainly had lots of reading when I got to yours. Your trip away / cricket comp. sounds wonderful and Im so glad you enjoyed it.
Good luck with the back to school preperations...Arghhh ... I hate it too.
Take care...Mardi x

deirdre said...

Hey Shaz, some of your blog links aren't working...I think its cos of the switch. Some of mine aren't working either and thats all I can work it out as being!

Hope your brother visits more often, he sounds cool :)

Bec said...

G'day gorgeous

Am finally getting around to catching up on everything. And fcuk (lol) me dead hun, your blog wears me out! Hope all the school stuff is sorted now (I gotta bloody shop again tomorrow.. grrr). Nice scoop getting all those donations!!
Hope your eldest bro finds a lovely lady and settles down.

Chat soon
Love n Hugz

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