Friday, December 22, 2006

Xmas shopping is gay

Hi everyone!
Phew.....can finally take a well deserved breather!!
I can't believe how hectic life has been lately. I know it always is at this time of year but it was all of a sudden type thing and took me by surprise big time. I thought I was almost home and hosed until last week and wasn't I in for a rude awakening!! LOL
Oh's all over now...the boys broke up from school yesterday thank Christ. How gorgeous is my Jedd, God love him. We had a whole school end of year Mass and after that the whole school including parents made a guard of honour for the Yr 6 kids to walk through like they do every year. He was OK doing this.. a bit freaked out about all the people patting him on the back on the way through though..LOL
He'd told me that morning that he wasn't going to cry but by the time I got to his class room at the end of the tunnel he was sobbing the poor little guy. I was OK until his Teachers Aide pulled me in a big bear hug and told me to look after Jedd 'cos he's a very special kid. Was so nice.
Now I'll just stress all holidays long about him going to high school...LOL
Nah...just kidding...I'm sure he'll be fine.
I didn't get many pics of his last day 'cos he didn't want any and only posed for a couple but I got a really special one of him cuddling his teachers aide. Bit blurry but it'll do.
We went and done the big Xmas grocery shop yesterday....friggen hell! How much does Christmas cost nowadays?????????????? Farrkkkkkkkk me!! $380- just for a weeks friggen groceries!! Hello????? Even the checkout chick was checking the docket and reading it twice...LOL And I've still got to get the fruit and veges on Sunday. Fair dinkum! It's a bloody joke! It's also about the only time of the year when my 3 fridges and chest freezer are all full...LOL
I haven't cooked anything Xmassy yet. I just feel like a rest and time out for me to sit and grow this 'ol ass of mine a bit more before I get up and have to move again.
I'm physically and emotionally drained.
We went shopping this morning. Sake shopping I call it. Everything is done but Michael is now on holidays and he has money in his pocket to burn and has to go shopping for the friggen sake of it. Don't worry that every man and their dog are sleeping in tents all over Macarthur Square carpark so they can get in the doors when they open at 8.00a.m. Don't worry that every mother in Campbelltown felt the need to take their friggen prams out today...(yes..I realise sometimes you have to as I have 6 of the little darlings but I also realise that school has now officially split up and all the little skank girls want to go and sit up at the square and try and look 'hot' for all the boys sweating testostrone all over the floor but could they not do that a paddock somewhere? And yes...I also realise that some mothers haven't say their adorable little childrens asses on Santas lap yes..I was once one of those mothers that left things to the last minute also...but this was because I had to wait until my darling husband went on holidays to help me push my huge friggen pram...ohhhhhh...the list goes on.
Millions of people flocking to the centre of the shopping gravity pulls them and says ' comes Sharryn everyone quick..all stand in the middle of the aisle and chat so we can really piss her off'. What the?
Why do people feel the need to do this? There are heaps of aisles being unused at this time of the year where people can go. Especially in Big W. Hey...I understand that people run into each other while out shopping and being the festive season they don't have time for a quick cuppa so they stand there and chat about how their year has been. But..can't they go to say...the wool aisle and do it? Like...who the fuck knits in summer? There is no-one in the wool aisle at this time of year. Can't these chatterboxers say...'Look..haven't got time for a cuppa...but quick..lets duck in to the wool aisle for a chat'? Makes sense to me.
I hate shopping with an absolute passion but I love my dear husband...(especially when he has his Xmas bonus) and he wants to go shopping. Such an obliging wifey I am. :)
We're having a street Xmas party tomorrow night. I suppose the usual neighbours will turn up and the usual neighbours won't..LOL Same old..same old. Only this year we have these new assholes who spray painted my fence and who haven't fixed it as yet!! My neighbour who has lived here for about 25 years and her husband were absolutely livid when I told them last night what happened. I thought they knew but they didn't. It's gonna be fun tomorrow night 'cos she is on the war path. Apparently these asshole teenage boys that have been hanging around the new neighbours boys have been playing baseball in the street at midnight and banging up against one of our old neighbours vans to set the alarm off then running inside. What childish assholes. They've also been leaving squashed cans and bottles of alcohol around the street so the parents are getting a lesson tomorrow night on 'What your boys have been up to since they moved in'. I can't understand how they can't see what they're doing for Christs sake. They were up and down the lane way next to my bedroom window again at 3,00am this morning. Fair enough they weren't making a noise but for stuffs sake...3,00a.m??
Enough is enough.
I managed to finish a little concertina mini album I made for Jedds teacher for her new baby she is expecting.
I'm also in the process of making Michael a mini album for his 40th on the 30th of this month. It's only taken me a year..LOL took me 12 years to finish knitting a jumper for my father!! ROFL
There is supposed to be a Xmas party in the chat room at the Boxx tonight and I'm hoping to pop in for a while. It seems so long since I've been in there and I'm feeling a bit 'out of the loop' but I think it's just because I haven't been around for so long.
I sent my Secret Santa pressie away and I know my recipient received it and sounded very happy with it. I really hope she liked what I sent her. I had fun again this year making up the parcel.
I haven't received my secret santa pressie yet. :( I was hoping it would arrive today being last mail but I think maybe the postie comes tomorrow also so fingers crossed Santa remembers me. I haven't been THAT bad!
Well thats it chickens.
I'll leave you all to continue on with your Xmas preparations.
Have fun
Sharryn :)
P.S Chrissy...was that a good read?? ROFL


Anonymous said...

Oh Sharryn.. I've read this post twice and absolutely cacked myself both times!!

Chat in the wool aisle... put the skank girls and testosterone sweating boys in a paddock PMSL!!! You are too funny!

Wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas!


Chrissy said...

PMSL - yes thanks Shaz. Pity I'll miss your street party - sounds like it's gunna be real entertaining!!! Merry Christmas
xxxx Chrissy

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Shaz.....I get so peeved @ them also & then try & get a wheelchair around them!....Bloody bull shit if ya ask me!!
They Still haven't cleaned that fence up yet???
Give it to 'em!!!
LOL about the jumper.
Hope ur SS pressie comes in, he he especially before u go off ur nut @ those neighbours.

Anonymous said...

OMFG Sharryn! Is your farking life ever dull...gee wizz when I feel a bit down about things I just need to come and read your full on!!!
I kjnow what you mean about ppl out shopping today. I stayed home until 4.30 and then popped down to Spotlights for some ribbon and the traffic was just like..."What the...???!!" They were all friggin' maniacs...where the hell are they going in such a bloody rush.

Have a great Xmas matey and I hope you get your SS parcel.

Anonymous said...

PMSL!!!!!!!! Oh Sharryn, your blog is definately what I needed to read tonight.

I am going to quite firmly tell all chatterboxes in Big W to piss off to the wool isle from now on, can't wait to see the reactions I get!

My heart goes out to Jedd, Luke did the same thing, bawled his gorgeous eyes out and I am absolutely stressed over him starting high school next year...

Anyways darling, Merry Christmas in case I don't see you online again, please take care and enjoy yourself!
Love n hugz

Anonymous said...

You are an absolute pisser my girl. LOL. Have a good Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You mafde me laugh again as usual Shaz.

Wishing you and foe family a safe and happy christmas and new year.

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