Monday, December 18, 2006

Phone call from hell

Hi all,
Whewwwwwwwwwww...what a last few days!! Unbelievable!!
Here I was sitting here Thursday night thinking I was on the downhill slide to the Xmas holidays until the phone rang and I got a call that would rock my socks off!!
I'd received a call from Jyes' indoor cricket coach 2 weeks back but I hadn't had a chance to return the call. I thought it was just to let me know the Superleague comp. wasn't going ahead 'cos the Canberra teams had dramas or something like that. Turns out that he was chosen to play for the NSW Metro team in a 4 day tournament...starting at 8.30a.m the next friggen morning!! What the?? He thought I'd found out from someone else and blah blah cut a long story short...I've just spent the last 4 days....37 hours in fact but hey...whos counting??...sitting exactly 1 metre back from a green indoor cricket net watching game after game after game after game.....Oh what fun oh what joy! Thanks're a legend mate!! Ho ho friggen ho to you too brother!! LOL
Actually, I had the best time and so did Jye. In the last 4 days I have witnessed some of the best cricket and sadly, some of the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen.
Some of the teams were just lovely kids and parents and had travelled a long way to play but some of them were complete assholes. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears watching some of those kids play...but the worst was their parents. Unbelievable!
Anyway...I don't want to even waste my time writing about them, they were that disgusting!
This morning the Grand Finals were held and our other side made it in. It was a game and a half and one of those that came down to the last ball. We WON!! Great stuff.
It really was a fantastic experience for Jye and I'm sure one he'll treasure for a long while. One I'll remember for a while too. :)
I've got to say though..I'm happy to be able to come home and stay home..not crawl in the door at 8.30p.m or 9.30p.m like Saturday night. I feel like I've literally eaten, slept and shit cricket for the last 37 being in a cricket camp or something. I have to adjust to being home again...LOL
Not much else happening here..Michael too the boys back to Bungonia on the weekend and guess what? The dune buggy doesn't go anymore! Can you believe it? Apparently...according to of the boys used it as a bulldozer. Hmmmmmm...what were they doing is the question but no-one was hurt so I really don't think I want to know. Apparently Josh went for his you-beaut bike ride on his trail bike for all of 2 minutes before he hit a tree and flew over the handle bars...snapping the tree in 3 places and smashing his bike he just paid $500- to get fixed on Thursday!! was hurt but it makes me wonder why things like that don't happen when mother is around? Hmmmmmmmmmmm???
Thats it for me..I'm off to pick up the kiddies.
Blogger won't let me upload a team photo so I'm packing up and pissing off...ROFL
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

WTG Jye.....he must be so wrapped Shaz! & since when do u ever wind down & especially before xmas????
ROFLMAO...."camp cricket"...Sheesh Glenn would've loved to have that as a dilemma.
Buggar about the dune buggy!
Yeh theres nothing quite like a mother eye is there.
U exhaust me luvvy!

Mardi said...

LOL @ you Sharryn....eating and shitting cricket...Owwww!
It is such a wonderful oppurtunity for Jye though...well done.
I hope you are all prepared for Christmas...and that you have a wonderful one.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

WoooHoooo Jye, what an achievement!!!
And why do the crashes not happen when you are there? Cos when the cats away, the mice will play!!!!! I can just imagine what they were getting up to!
I hope that you will recover from the cricket shits soon.
When does Rhiannon find out how she went in her HSC?

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm with Mardi. Eating and shittin' cricket...youchie!!
Glad that you did have fun though.
AS for the kids and their bikes/buggy. Why is it that they do these trhings when we're not around...grrrr!!!
Glad that there was no broken bones involved though.
Take care.

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