Thursday, December 14, 2006

Busy time of year for all

Hey all,
Hows it hangin'? Good I hope!
Been so busy here as usual at this time of the year, as I'm sure you all have been too. I've been doing the rounds and reading everyones blogs and it's amazing what each of us achieve at this time of year. For me it's like getting a second wind and rushing around getting everything done before Xmas and attending school functions etc etc. This year I am absolutely exhausted and I know Michael is too. I was thinking this afternoon we are like a pair of old crutches holding each other up and helping each other along. When one is down the other picks up and carries on. I just can't wait for the school holidays and Michaels holidays start next week as well.
Last night was Jedds' Year 6 Graduation Mass and dinner. The kids had to wear their school uniform to the church and to the club after. It was an OK night..I don't have much to do with many of the Yr 6 parents. After all the years I've been at the school, 'cos of Jedds' Aspergers and his social inability, most of the people I do know have other kids in my other boys years. I also have found that this year wasn't the nicest bunch of kids around. :(
That mongrel child that bullied Jedd in year 4...FUCK..I HATE that child with a passion! Isn't that awful to say? Believe me, you have no idea what that bastard put my son through or me or my family for that matter. I could strangle him not a problem...would wipe that smart ass, sly smirk right off the little assholes face.
Even last night he was running in and out of the boys toilets turning the lights off and creating havoc, his parents didn't even see what he was doing. I hate kids like that so much and I hate parents like that even more. So I gave daggers across the dance floor all night and me being me I just had to stand next to their table to get photos. Bitch I am!! LOL
Jedd had a good time though which was the main thing. Apparently the kids chose the tables and who they wanted to sit with and Jedd chose this really nice kid whos an Islander but his poor mother didn't speak much English.
Here is a pic of Michael, Jedd and I out the front of the church after the Mass:

Not a bad pic but Jedd is doing his usual 'no smile'...just part and parcel of his autism.
I got a great pic of him with his teacher:

I'm going to do something with that photo for her for Xmas. She has been such a turning point in his life at school. She came to the school at the beginning of last year when I was an absolute mess and didn't want him going back after the shit he'd been through the year before. She coaxed him into a safe haven and has continued to keep him under her wing and has definately gotten the best from him. She is 8 months pregnant at the moment with her first child and I just know she'll make an amazing mother. I'm going to write her a long, detailed letter on how much I appreciate everything she has done for Jedd. She has had him for 2 years running now and has been very pivotal in the last 2 years of his primary education. Teachers like her don't come along every day.
I was cruising along this morning when I received an SMS from my mother. As usual she has just expected me to come running 'cos she has beckoned but this time I didn't. The house she is renting is being put up for sale and she has had to find another one. So she finds one, this I find out through my brothers ex-girlfriend who I run into on Tuesday, and is moving out this weekend/early next week.
So she sent me an SMS saying could I move a load of stuff for her either today or tomorrow in my van. Hello? No hello, goodbye kiss my ass or nothing! No..Oh we got a house and we're moving..can you help? It's christmas for fuck sake! Does she not realise I have a million friggen kids that have things I have to attend at school or that their sports are still not over, or that they might have graduations or presentation nights etc. No...she wouldn't realise this nor would she give a shit 'cos she never came to any of my things. She just thinks I should drop everything and move her. Well fuck her! I can't understand why my brother that lives with her who is as strong as an ox can't help her more. Enough is enough!
Michael has said he'll do 2 loads for her on Saturday morning but he's taking the boys back down to Bungonia on Saturday afternoon riding the buggy and camping with his sisters family and Josh has the time off work so for the first time in years we'll all have a little weekend together as a family doing things we love. Should be good.
The thing that I'm most devastated with though is they are moving here, around the corner from us! OMFG! I am dreading this so much! If my brother thinks he's going to drop in here with his shit and his dramas all the time he has another thing coming. There is no way it's gonna happen and if it means arguing with them all then so be it. No fucking way is it going to happen. Not here..not ever! :(
Today Rhiannon and I went xmas shopping and I've spent an absolute shit load of money yet again! I thought I had the majority done but I seen things today and I'm like 'Oh Jack would like that or Jye would love that'...just can't help myself. Bloody hopeless! Oh well, we don't do it all the time and you're only a kid once aren't you?
I still have a couple more pressies to get but nothing major. Michael turns 40 on the 30th of December so I have to allow for that as well as Jyes birthday on the 27th. Sure you'd have kids in December!!
Thats it for now...I hope you all get your xmas shopping done without any hassles.


Anonymous said...

Shaz as usual your post managed to bring a smile to my face.

Hope your mother and brother don't cause too much grief living too close.

Dec b'days ARRHHH. Asher's 6th is on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shaz, thats a bit too close for comfort, just ignore her and she will go away.
Has Rhiannon got her HSC score yet?
Try and relax a bit in between all your Mum duties....I said try!!!!!

Mardi said...

Sharryn....sounds like life is normal at your house.... busy busy.... and I had to giggle at your description of that kid in Jedds year....I hate little A holes like that too....I glare them out...and make them feel uncomfortable....I detest smart ass children.
...and bummer about your Mum moving so close... perhaps you can all wear dark glasses and she wont notice you ... if only it were so easy..
Take care in this Christmas period...make some time for Micheal and yourself...if possible.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Good for u Shaz!...Standing up for ur self (as I know u do) & not dropping everything for ur mum; who u've said hasn't done a whole lot for U & only seems to cause u grief.
Buggar about moving so close though, I'm sure u'll keep them in check!...LOL
What such a great teacher....The letter sounds like such a good idea, & they are hard to find these days....especially with special needs kids.
Hope the weekend away is a great break away for all of u's.
Yep...we're suckers I reackon....we keep buying & buying but that's just another reason Y they call it the silly season.
Have a relaxing time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn. Great to hear that you got the majority of your chrissy shopping done (still doing mine :O)
Jedd's teacher looks lovely too. What a great photo. My bosses wife is a teacher and from what my boss has told me she is one of the only ones that actually takes an active interest in her students too. It does make a really big difference in your children to have a teacher that cares :-)
Sorry about all the posts in your last blog topic *hides* I don't know what the heck happened there LOL.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi sharryn,

i had an autistic boy this year in my class. I'm not the parent, only the teacher, and I'm glad you found a great teacher for him who took him under his wing. It can make the world of difference... and that goes for any child too.

Sorry to hear about your mum moving to near you. Grrrrrrr. And I don't blame you one little bit in doing nothing to help her move. Truck that!

Have fun on the dune buggy...

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