Friday, November 10, 2006


Hi all,
Hows it hangin'? :)
I have to be reverent this morning I've just come home from Mass so I'll be watching my P's and Q's this post. I went for Jacks grade this time around..Grade 3 which they combined with Kindy. Pity they didn't combine it with grade 5 or 6 I could've killed 2 birds with the one stone as Jye and Jedd are in those years..LOL
Jack wrote me out a lovely invitation to his Mass and he knew Rhiannon was home so he wrote To Mum/Sister....ROFL So Rhiannon is now officially known as Slash Sister!! :) Gotta love 'em!
I haven't heard anything from my brother but I don't think I will. He'd know by now I'd've heard the story and they know not to come near me when something like that happens. Like I said to my mother, the baby is in the neo-natal unit at the moment anyway so chances are I wouldn't get to see him and I'm not sitting up there chatting to my brothers bitch..oh sorry...reverent..I mean girlfriend...huhumm.
Josh still hasn't been paid the $300- that the Zorba owes him yet either which is starting to come to the boil in my stomach. He drove in last night to the city to see him and I told him that it's his last chance to get it before I step in. I was in bed before he came home but I've SMS'd him to ask whether he got it but he hasn't answered me. So I take that as a no. Oh well...they were warned.
Blogger has finally let me upload some pics after ages. This is my layout for the 3rd round of the DT comp at the Boxx which I didn't get through. I used vellum as my product and the three things I used it for are hte alpha, the flowers and the photo corner which you can hardly see but I couldn't be botheres uploading the smaller pics..LOL I love this's a pic of Rhiannon as a baby.

I'm still up to scrapping cricket pics at the moment and this layout I did of Jack. It's all about last year being his first year of cricket.

This pic I took not so long ago. I scrapped one of Josh asleep a couple of weeks ago and I loved it so I got some pics of Jye asleep and voila!!

Last one are pics of Jack the day he got his stitches (31 October 2006). He was sitting up thinking he was really cool on my bed when I brought him home from the hospital 'cos Michael set one of the Play Stations up for him in our room but later he was being a sorry ass sitting on the lounge when he was tired..LOL God love him...such a drama queen!!

There is one more pic I've scrapped but Blogger won't let me upload it. :( So close to getting them all up. It is the last layout of Kims 14 layout challenge that I finally complete in like...28 days...LOL
I haven't done any scrapping since..I think I've lost my mojo or something. I'm going to have a go tonight.
I've just had such a hard week physically, meaning my muscles have been extremely fatigued. I was starting to feel really good too. I feel a bit better today but still very tired and I'm hoping it's not the start of a relapse 'cos I really couldn't cope with another one. I've just got the house 'almost' where I want everything and how I want everything to be and it's taken me ages to get here..especially after the spring clean back in September. I find maintaining everything just as hard. LOL With 8 people in the house though I'm sure you can understand why. Not an easy task by any means which is why you really have to stay on top of things and there is no time for backward falls. I have no idea how I coped this time last year. As of last Saturday it's been a year since I broke my wrist at probably the busiest ever time of my life. I was only thinking about it the other day and wondering how we ever managed but we did. Michael was great and the kids just had to help more. My father helped a lot on weekends and together it all got done.
This weekend we only have club cricket which only 2 are playing in their games. Jaydens team has a Bye and Jedd has decided he doesn't want to play anymore. :( We're not going to push him though as he has started his transition program into high school and he has all that on his mind with a few anxieties about starting high school I think. Maybe he can play again next season.
Speaking of which, I have been asked by the special ed. teacher up at the high school if I want to be a scribe for a student during the school certificate exams which are on this Monday and Tuesday. It's basically reading the questions and writing his answers down for him. I've said yes of course. I know my Jedd will probably need this one day himself. I'm quite looking forward to it now.
Sunday Michaels aunty and uncle, who are twins, are turning 50 and there is a picnic for them. It couldn't have been next weekend though could it? My uncle is having his 60th at exactly the same place next weekend! Again..we could've killed 2 birds..actually 3 with the one stone! Bonus! LOL
Not sure whether we'll go on Sunday and the weekend after Jye has a Rep. game so I might drive over to the picnic for an hour or so.
The following weekend we are off to Newcastle for a Rep. game. We'll be staying at my best friends house which I think is half way there on the Saturday night so that'll be great. :)
Enough rambling for me I need to go and vaccuum and I've just picked up the lastest copy of SC. :) I've bought a leg of pork for dinner so I'll pick the boys up and bung that in the oven when I get back. Too easy!
Have a great weekend.

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